O Príncipe

O Príncipe

After 20 years of exile in Paris, Gustavo returns to his native city São Paulo. Back home, he encounters a place which no longer exists. His old friends and family members have changed, ...

After 20 years of exile in Paris, Gustavo returns to his native city São Paulo. Back home, he encounters a place which no longer exists. His old friends and family members have changed, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 74% I will follow him, where ever Robert may go. No budget to low.

Jake N Cole B (gb) wrote: Every American needs to watch this! Every American deserves the truth.

Greg W (au) wrote: interesting experimental pic

Brandon W (es) wrote: I've never seen a movie that is so... "okay". How's the acting, it's okay. How's the plot, it's okay. How's the action, when it happens, it's okay. What makes this film watchable is Kurt Russell. I really like him as an actor but in this, he is acting more like Nicolas Cage with out-of-nowhere over-the-top freak-outs. "Dark Blue" was written by one of my favourite screenwriters, David Ayer. His movies, whether writing or directing, always get me invested extremely quick such as "Training Day", "The Fast and the Furious", "End of Watch" etc. But "Dark Blue" didn't have anything special in it to hook me in right away. It took a good 45 minutes for this movie to get just the slightest bit interesting. Roger Ebert gave it two thumbs up but I'm gonna have to give a thumbs down to this one. There are better cop movies out there.

Christina D (br) wrote: Love this Movie and I can't find it anywhere

Scott M (gb) wrote: Best documentary ever, no doubt about it. You will cry.

Darrell H (us) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this film. The camaraderie between De Nero nd Grodin is brilliant nd their insults are second to none :-D.

Michael F (ca) wrote: Disaster films tend to rely on the visual spectacle and that strange, possibly Sim City-bred feeling of satisfaction that comes from watching the world as we know it be destroyed. Not so in 1998's Deep Impact, which serves up more of an emotionally-charged character drama, while the impending doom spends 90% of the movie well....impending.When a comet the size of New York City finds its way on a collision course with Earth, a team of astronauts must pilot a payload of nuclear warheads to its surface in the hopes of diverting its trajectory elsewhere. Should the attempt fail, the United States government has set up a selection process, which will allow one million individuals to live safely underground in a modern-day Noah's Ark until the "extinction level event" has subsided.Among those selected is Jenny Lerner (Tea Leoni), a Washington D.C. reporter struggling to forgive her father's divorce, and the original finder of the comet, Leo Biederman (Elijah Wood), an adolescent teen with romantic attachments to his astronomy classmate, Sarah. As the meteor approaches, we're painted a clear picture of the constant state of fear and depression that would grip a society counting down the days until certain death. Marshall Law is instituted to control looting and rioting. Prices are frozen to prevent business owners from cashing in on people's desperation. Suicides among the elderly increase, as no one over 50 is selected for entry into the safe haven. The sadness that would certainly become impossible to escape is on full display, but so is the sacrifice. Older people with and without families exchange their spots underground so that the children have a chance at life. Husbands willingly remain behind, choosing rather to die with their spouses than leave them to face the end alone.Deep Impact will not deliver for those seeking graphic destruction on a prolonged scale. However, it still captures a very real sense of dread and grief, complete with a stoic, speech-giving Morgan Freeman as president and an ending that showcases the best that human beings have to offer.

B F (us) wrote: For anyone wanting to learn about, or a fan of, MotoGP. Covers the 2smokers to the big bang 990s. A great film on motorcycle racing.

Francisco R (nl) wrote: I didn't know that I was going to like, it was kind of good, after all the craps that Martin lawrence played as a cop, this is defenitly the best, Steve Zahn is funny in this movie, and the movie is very funny and cool, not very good, but it's an entartaining and recommended movie.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: Sergio Leone's final masterpiece takes us through an epic crime journey that takes place in a timeless and unforgiving New York. With great performances from Robert De Niro and James Woods, amongst others, this film is stuck on the mind days after watching it. This is a piece of cinematic gold.

Collin P (nl) wrote: An interesting and action packed plot for this entry in the Star Trek franchise.

Greg R (us) wrote: Made for TV nonsense. Ick...