O scrisoare pierduta

O scrisoare pierduta

The plot take place in 1883 in a small provincial town in Romania, where the corrupt establishment decide everything, including - of course - who will be the "elected" representative to the...

The plot take place in 1883 in a small provincial town in Romania, where the corrupt establishment decide everything, including - of course - who will be the "elected" representative to the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry L (es) wrote: ..Superb film, so odd in places but very easy to follow with some great scenes. The detecive is basically psychic and can tune into certain things...shame it drove him nuts...dont be put off by the subtitles, they just add to the appeal of this one.

Jason R (gb) wrote: Better movie than given credit for especially those who enjoy being immersed in a story. The end is the reward to watching this movie as the true horror is shown.

Desiree V (jp) wrote: Ya,like you would really wear that in the snow!!

Matt K (nl) wrote: Powerful documentary. Extremely moving.

Luke B (br) wrote: Communion is a bizarre and conflicted treat. I believe a number of those involved with the making of the film had differing ideas as to what the film was about and what was fact. Walken plays Whitley Strieber, a man that investigates his supposed encounters with aliens. Strieber reportedly told Walken he was playing the role "too crazy" to which Walken replied "If the shoe fits...". This sums up the difficult story being told here. The film never gives a clear answer on what the truth is, nor which characters believe what. It's more an examination of reality, imagination, truth, and all out mental psychological weirdness. It begins as a rather terrifying film. The aliens (fake looking) appear bit by bit, and their simplicity adds an artificial and uncomfortable atmosphere. It becomes apparent that the aliens are meant to look fake, as they are later used as a tool for identity and realism. We see other aliens wearing alien masks and the lack of realism lures us into a bizarre, comical and unsettling world. Communion is a confusing film, but if you are willing to let a film punch your brain you should seek it out. Comes with a haunting main theme by Eric Clapton.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Despite it's difficult structure, "Wetherby" is a haunting film, because it dares to suggest that the death of a complete stranger can not only touch you, but force you to decide how alive you really are.

Four Star F (nl) wrote: Telling the semi-biographical story of Robert Stroud, Birdman relates his life from violent beginnings until his later years. Burt Lancaster superbly characterizes Stroud as a tragic hero. Despite a relatively simple plot following the progression in a man's life, Birdman is worth seeing. Ultimately, it is the charcters played by Lancaster, Karl Malden, and Thelma Ritter respectively, that make this movie. Ironically, by the end of the film after all he has accomplished the Birdman is still not a free man. Even if it is not completely historically accurate, this movie tells a great story. Having actually toured Alcatraz after viewing this film, I have to say it resonated with me even more.

Joanof A (ag) wrote: travis ( robert de niro) is a taxi driver at night.... long and so boring to watch at first but it make sense at all. its worth the wait.. i just saw this last year. better late than never. this is a classic masterpiece you should watch..Taxi Driver is one of the best films ever made.. i watched it twice never get tired of it..

Karen C (ru) wrote: One of the funniest -- and best -- movies of all time. Cary Grant is a comic genius and Hepburn is charming. Great writing and directing. A classic that hasn't aged one bit.

Gary J (br) wrote: Not the best but some classic lines.

Brad S (es) wrote: Excellent war-time thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. Starring Joel McRea and George Sanders, it has great suspense as well as humour. The camera work and visual effects really jumped out at me for this one. Reall enjoyed it and recommend it.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Ok, But these films should be left alone with action stars like Arnie, They don't do his career any favours.

BRUNO V (ag) wrote: If i read the comments from other viewers , i have to say ...some are right , so i give half a star less .On my dvd the second watch is the same

Sylvester E (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this film.....