O Segredo

O Segredo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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O Segredo torrent reviews

Michael S (jp) wrote: What can I say about this film? Not much really. At first, while watching it, I thought it was a Family Channel movie. The camera set-up, the lighting, the music, and the acting made me feel as if I was actually watching something made for the Family Channel, that's how bad it was. Then the killings started. The contrast between the killing scenes, and the "plot development scenes" was shocking. The actual scenes where the killer did his thing were actually well done. The rest however, was just utter crap. While there were kernels and potential, the overall movie was close to unbearable.

Shawn G (ag) wrote: It's almost a shame to compare this move to Napoleon Dynamite, as it stands on it's own as a great counter culture romantic comedy.

Private U (jp) wrote: I didn't know anything about the war could still shock me. Wow.

Am A (gb) wrote: This space opera sci-fi adventure meet western scores high on cult value rather than mainstream appeal. To really appreciate the movie one wholly, one needs to watch its predecessor TV series Firefly. Oddly though for some folks like me Serenity brought me to watch Firefly. The movie only leaves you wanting for more!

Lori W (ag) wrote: Too funny..Old ladie boobs...

Rene J (jp) wrote: Didn't disappoint me at all. Still creepy as the first one.

Ian M (nl) wrote: A lesbian movie with Piper Perabo? Cool. I have to watch it!

Movie M (nl) wrote: i dont understand all the negative comments about this film. it is a heart warming movie that should leave most people with a soul feeling good. something wrong with people if they cant feel good about G and how he affects the people he is around. end of the day it is just a movie, but personally think it is a great feel good film. the world needs a few more Gs in it.

helcio h (gb) wrote: Muito divertido como s Joe Dante sabe fazer. legal ver RIver Phoenix e Ethan Hawke crianas com excelentes atuaes.

Ricky G (jp) wrote: Critics might the this, some might critics for the simple dumb humor but it's great silly humor for all ages such a guilty pleasure

Chandira H (ca) wrote: Loved this movie!! David Carradine was superb. Goes well with the Pete Seeger movie, they're both a real slice of American history that's enjoyable and hopeful, and a nice antidote to the stupid-ass politics of the day.

Tor M (es) wrote: My first film from the famous director. Maybe not the best choice, my guess is that it's not very typically Welles. I was left disappointed from this piece. It's not that interesting today even if it got an cool point of view. The semi-interesting story is made more attractive from amazing editing, but who digs films where editing is the only stand-out feature?5 out of 10 Oslo hitchhikers.

Andy C (us) wrote: Not as weird as "Salo", obviously, but still too obsessed with feces for me.

Martin T (nl) wrote: A very strange noir. One might be tempted to call it "bad". The screenplay is campy and feels butchered (much of the sauciness of the original play is toned down) and the acting (including several "ethnic" leads being played by whites) is often spotty. Gene Tierney's descent into degradation (the prostitution and drug addiction is implied) is pretty ridiculous. Most importantly, the editing is entirely off. Long shots when there should be close-ups, close-ups that are unnecessary, inserts that don't fit, shots that linger for several frames too long. The pacing of this movie seems completely amateur, and makes the performances feel even worse. And yet, it lends the film a dreamlike quality that, intentional or not, is weird and compelling. It's as if the entire movie is hooked on opium, and the audience has been pimped out. While watching, I kept switching between "this is terrible" and "wait, maybe this is amazing". And wow, Ona Munson's hairdo is insane.

DanetteDani A (mx) wrote: She is bold and has more talent then more women I have ever known.

Benjamin N (gb) wrote: its a spike lee joint, what can i say

Jackie L (de) wrote: I love this movie Nd the second movie 2

Trace P (jp) wrote: I was fortunate enough to see this wonderful film at the Seattle International Film Festival last night and it was great! This man has truly lived a charmed life. The stories about his adventures are so incredible that, if true, establishes Mr. Gordon as not only a "Supermench" but an incredible and thoughtful person as well. One fact that blew my mind. He had been the manager for Alice Cooper for over 40 years now. They have never had a written contract. That is what I call two way trust. I rate it an A-.

Justin A (au) wrote: A surprisingly good horror movie considering it's from the Troma brand. It's a bit goofier, but it's not that poorly made and it is about as on par as other early 80s slasher movies. It's just a surprising watch that is more harsh than you'd expect. Recommended for slasher fans.

Subhro R (es) wrote: Great police procedural in the guise of blaxploitation standard.