O Sonho de Rose - 10 Anos Depois

O Sonho de Rose - 10 Anos Depois

Documentary depicting what happened to the characters in the film Terra para Rose, made by the same director. Shows the life of some 1500 families of landless rural laborers who, for the ...

Documentary depicting what happened to the characters in the film Terra para Rose, made by the same director. Shows the life of some 1500 families of landless rural laborers who, for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becca A (it) wrote: Experiences like this, however painful, are necessary and inevitable; without them, how can we know life?

Daniel K (ag) wrote: 3.5: The kind of film I expect from the French, meaning it is sophisticated, nuanced, subtle, deliberate, sensitive, romantic, beautiful, modest in scope yet full of emotional significance, allows the viewer ample time to breath/consider/reflect/enjoy, etc. All French films are, of course, not like this, but they do seem to be more capable of creating films in this style and of this quality than any other country around. The performances are incredible, in particular the leads, who have great chemistry between the three of them. The music is practically imperceptible, yet it highlights and intensifies everything. The direction, editing, cinematography are all of the highest order. This is the kind of film that could hit four stars, but it's modesty is part of what held me back. It doesn't have terribly grand ambitions; it is simply a practically flawless rendition of a very simple, and almost unrequited, love story. It's the kind of picture that sticks with you.

Frankie N (br) wrote: Raw, disturbing, and profoundly compelling.

Ronnie S (mx) wrote: Undg den og se Home Alone filmene igen og igen og igen ... Please

Steven S (ca) wrote: Its alot like The Omen 2 movie.

Logan M (us) wrote: Toe-tapping good and very original.

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Action Film Is 1988's Die Hard.

Andy O (fr) wrote: The plot was a bit meh, but all the fight scenes were absolutely awesome.

Shawn W (au) wrote: Hackman and Nolte as journalists covering the escalating conflict in Nicaragua in 1979. Got better in the second half. Didn't love this film but I think they did a great job on getting the atmosphere and setting of a third world nation in a state of civil war. Was glad to see pitcher Denny Martinez had a strong fan following before his Montreal Expos days.

MEC r (kr) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Frank B (ca) wrote: I really would love to see this movie come out on Blu-ray. The movie is funny, not great, but enjoyable, but the soundtrack is phenomenal and would sound amazing in glorious, remastered TruHD 7.1 This is the movie that launched WKRP and is a perfect time capsule for the late 1970s FM radio culture, captured right at the moment before corporate America moved in and commercialized and thereby ruined the whole scene. Captures the zeitgeist in a way no movie had before or since. It is a real shame to be unable to even buy the DVD of it.

Tom S (fr) wrote: "...your erect nipples!"

Julio C (gb) wrote: Muy en el estilo de Bunuel, obsesiva, onirica, misteriosa, antirreligiosa, provocativa y con un toque de misoginia. Catherine Deneuve se ve hermosa en su papel y tiene una transformacion muy interesante, un viaje de la inocencia a la corrupcion de la virtud y la amargura de la insatisfaccion. Recuerda mucho a "Viridiana" por el reparto y la trama de la protagonista, aunque no logra alcanzar el mismo nivel magistral

Richard L (us) wrote: 'Gigi' is a musical directed by Vincente Minnelli and based on the novella of the same name. The film is about a young girl being trained to be a courtesan by her grandmother and aunt for an older man. The story and characters are far from being interesting. The movie is very forgettable, and it tries far too hard to be incredibly sweet, cute, and whimsical when its story is a tad creepy especially because it is about a young girl basically being trained to be a high-class prostitute. The songs are also a large down side of the film. A vast majority of the songs were bland, had no rhythm whatsoever, and completely forgettable. Honestly, the only song I found to be memorable was 'The Night They Invented Champagne,' my favorite song in the film. Another problem is, often, how blandly shot the song sequences are. There is often little to no movement during the songs. For example, in some songs, the only thing the singers are doing is sitting down. This is another reason 'The Night They Invented Champagne' is my favorite song sequence. There was such a large amount of movement that it was not boring to look at. Admittedly, the film does look very nice with the costumes and sets, but they are not enough to save the movie. Overall, 'Gigi' is a bland and forgettable movie musical, and to quote Gaston from this movie in a phrase that very well describes the movie, "It's a bore."

WS W (nl) wrote: Positive. But rather stereotypical, cliched, shallow & barely convincing (although it emphasized based on true events) at the same time.

Greg W (mx) wrote: the ladies show they just as bad ass as the boyz