O Teri

O Teri

Prantabh and Anand, associated with a news channel in Delhi, are in search of a big scam to prove a point to their senior. A dead body accidentally lands up in their car.

Prantabh and Anand, associated with a news channel in Delhi, are in search of a big scam to prove a point to their senior. A dead body accidentally lands up in their car. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack W (ca) wrote: More kick-ass and awesome than the original! Improves on the original's flaws and follows on the story brilliantly, adding new and just as likeable characters to the mix. Just like the original (but even more so) gore hounds will not be disappointed. Also it keeps the original's comedic tone (which I liked) but also is more serious than the original which makes the movie better in my opinion. Definitely worth a watch. Just make sure you've seen the original first cause this one follows on frame by frame!

Sean E (jp) wrote: Not bad......not excellent.....the dolls were fun and the production quality is getting so much better on these movies...

Graydon B (us) wrote: Easily one of the BEST animated films of all time (which is hard for Pixar not to do), Finding Nemo is charming, memorable, breathtaking and beautiful.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Terribly underrated sci-Fi movie that's definitely worth 90 minutes of your life. Great cast and some gory action.

Matt R (kr) wrote: One of my TOP 5 favs of all time

Denise A (nl) wrote: I love this movie. A great movie for the Holiday. Teaches you not to be selfish.

Daniel R (us) wrote: it hasnt aged well but its got all the raw essence of classic cronenberg

John P (mx) wrote: Mostly boring, obscure action flick from the '70s. There are a couple of exciting car chases through the streets of Naples and big shootouts. The ending is well-executed, but this revenge story still fails to rise above mediocrity. The sound mix on the DVD I watched is atrocious. The music blares like a siren and background noise frequently drowns out the dialogue.Yul Brynner looks really sharp in the all-black sports jacket/slacks/turtleneck number he wears, only befitting for a true badass. His love interest, played by Barbara Bouchet, is drop-dead gorgeous. Too bad I saw a censored version, thus missing out on Bouchet's notorious gyrating in the strip club, among other scenes.

Ben B (jp) wrote: Not a sequel or a prequel to Sword of Doom, but a very similar idea, Sword of the Beast revolves around a rogue Samurai who wants to be free, but maintains the rules of engagement, for the most part. It's a wonderful story about finding your heart, and giving your life for others, even if they would gladly take yours. Strangely, the film starts out without a proper introduction to the main character, but reveals who Gennosuke is through flashbacks and storytelling. And yet, it plays very well for the film. As Gennosuke runs to the mountains to search for gold, he is haunted and hunted by his past. He was conned and set up to kill the master Samurai, only to find out he was to be banished for this act. Now, the master's followers are chasing Gennosuke, ready to kill him, when they run into a bit of trouble. It's a complicated story, full of side plots, twists and unpredictable events. But it's a masterful film, beautifully captured, and surprisingly well acted. Worth the watch.

Lawrence S (es) wrote: A classic. This is one of Vivien Leigh's all-time best performances. It was also her favorite film that she did. The movie is heartbreaking, powerful, and just as effective now - all these years later. Watch Ms. Leigh at the height of her beauty and talent.

William B (mx) wrote: When people imagine the classic films of the previous genration the answers are usually films like The Empire Strikes Back and Terminator 2 usually come to mind. When people ask what the classics of this generation were, Mad Max Fury Road will most certainly be one of them. This movie hits all of the notes that make a great action film in the 80s and makes it in present day. It has awesome characters, a fantastic musical score, and some of the practical best action, probably, of all time. This movie is a modern day masterpiece and when people look back on the great movies of this decade we will not look at Spotlight (which won best picture the same year this was nominated) as the biggest highlight, we will look back on Mad Max.

Amanda P (nl) wrote: movie was so sad and really hit home with my epileptic husband

Paolo M (fr) wrote: terrore nello spazio planet of the vampires ok