O Torturador

O Torturador

Zionists hire a hitman to kill a war criminal nazi who's exiled in a Latin American country, protected by the local dictator.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gay interest,  

Zionists hire a hitman to kill a war criminal nazi who's exiled in a Latin American country, protected by the local dictator. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siddharth K (ag) wrote: One of the best Hindi movies I have ever seen

Jon A (gb) wrote: Had a hard time getting into this. I just never felt a real emotional attachment with any of the characters. I'm sure it resonates more with people who have read the novel.

Greg H (de) wrote: The movie should be titled For Leftist Liars Told Me So -- the entire run of tripe is 100% anti-Gospel and agenda-based dishonesty.

saad g (de) wrote: want to see the movei

Jim H (mx) wrote: Pursued by a poetry-quoting assassin, long-lost siblings travel across Europe with a French ex-spy to rendezvous with their father.The title A Few Days in September refers to the few days preceding 9/11. It's not giving too much away to say that the film assumes that the U.S. government knew about 9/11 before the attacks, but one of the film's weaknesses is that it doesn't do much with this charge. Does the government cause the attacks or merely allow them to happen? The film's idea doesn't figure heavily in the plot, and thus it becomes a political film with uncertain politics (excepting one scene in which Orlando recites the usual catalog of American offenses to the tepid objection of her brother).What remains when the politics are stripped away, which isn't hard to do, is a basic spy thriller. But don't tell Juliette Binoche this. Her acting is milquetoast and insouciant, and the younger actors pick up on Binoche's vibe. It is as though the stakes of spy thrillers is intentionally absent, but I can't figure why.I also found the John Turturro (in an impressively bilingual role) plot poorly concluded. I had hoped there would be greater motivation for his character.Overall, I can imagine conspiracy theorists liking this film but nobody else.

Debasish D (nl) wrote: Movie of a class.Exceptional!!!!

Terry W (ca) wrote: Okay I feel compelled to give a review here of this movie. I can barely think of a more efficient way to waste an evening than to spend it watching this. I cannot imagine how this movie would enrich your life. But then again I didn't like Waterworld. This is of that genre... Waterworld, Road Warriors, etc.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: This teen fantasy rom com is not all bad. Theres some dodgey acting from young professionals yet the style of the movie is creative and its dark tone makes it engaging for all to watch.

Tino P (br) wrote: Intense, tightly constructed, and darkly comic at times.

Wahida K (gb) wrote: InTheBasketTumne Kabhie Mukhtaar Singh ka naam sunaa he, nahi, to phir tum ne kya Sunna he? Tumhara Taxe isliye ke teri Tange zara zyada Lambi heLol the great and funny Quote of this Movie when Kallu telling small kids a story at the very beginning of the Movie:: Why do you Taxe Charge me? I dont have anything? He askedThe Taxe guy according to kallu answered :: We Taxe charge you because you are a tiny bit too tall! This Movie is really great. It has everything. Amitabh had a great and Original Style of Dancing, this Movie definately stole my heart. My only complain was NO KADER KHAN behind the dialogues, but the other guy was not bad still. Great SongsWhen Amitabh speaks Dialogues written by Kader Khan, it is so COOL!

arya c (us) wrote: un assassino fa di tutto per essere arrestato, ma non ci riesce...

Allan C (nl) wrote: Wildly campy fun, with Joan Crawford as the stoic owner of circus plagued by a string of accidents/murders. It would have been even better if the filmmakers had not been so self aware that they were making a camp-fest, but Joan takes her role with complete utter seriousness, which is quite enjoyable. Joan's second to last theatrical film.

Scott C (mx) wrote: Super forgettable. I'm not the biggest Hepburn fan.

Robbie M (fr) wrote: Purely terrible, except for the presence of Monica and Terence. A shitshow, late '60s style.

Jack G (mx) wrote: It would be one thing if the filmmakers, David Zellner (director) and brother/co-writer Nathan Zellner, were coming up with the idea for Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter out of whole cloth. It's certainly one of the best 'hooks' (or as the industry calls then 'loglines') in many years: a young woman from Tokyo is obsessed with the scene from Fargo where Steve Buscemi hides the suitcase full of money by the fence, buried in the snow, and never comes back for it. Naturally, as she assumes from the opening title card telling the audience 'This is Based on a True Story' that the suitcase is still there, and goes to Fargo to find it. The thing that makes things even wilder to find out (though this is after the film ends) that while the Coen brothers' Fargo is not based on a true case (it was their sort of satire of movies that do the 'true story' for artistic license), Kumiko, strangely enough, is.According to IMDb, a woman naked Takako Konishi actually watched the movie Fargo and went out to try and find it. At least, that's the extent to which the movie and real life connect. Perhaps the Zellners took license from there; certainly it would seem to make sense, but they take this true event (from a not-true event from the film) and use it as a way of jumping off into a character study of this rather lonely woman. Or, one should say, she's perhaps alone but not exactly lonely - except for one aspect involving her rabbit, which should be addressed - as she has this movie to give her hope outside of her dreary job and inquisitive mother.She is not interested in meeting a man or getting married or having kids. In the one of the few moments we get some character development, we see that she considers herself a "Spanish Conquistador" going to "The New World" (this actually pops up as the title card when she arrives in Minnesota). So she makes a decision one day, not exactly on a whim but after what seems to be much thought (and going through the possible tragedy of a torn VHS tape - how she finds the tape is never explained, same with the ending, but more on that in a moment), and leaves her rabbit on a subway car. This last part - the bunny is Bunzo, can't forget that - seems oddly sad, just by nature of this character having a pet its cared for and now the pet's no longer there. Plus, it's a cute bunny after all.There's a bit of culture clash - apparently there's no one who's Japanese up in Minnesota/North Dakota, Kumiko knows very little English, and the one helpful Deputy in town (played by director Zellner) thinks a worker at a Chinese restaurant can help translate. There's a few moments of sort of awkward comedy here, which if I had to be honest were the parts that worked for me the least. Maybe this is where the Alexander Payne connection comes in (he's executive producer here), and there's one character in particular that seems air-lifted out of a Payne film into Kumiko's journey. But it's ultimately about what Kumiko is going and how she is going to get there. It's predictable stuff to see these sort of folks in this environment, even as it is refreshing to see a police officer depicted as just a straight-shooting, caring person like the Deputy here.This concept could have been delivered in a few ways. This could have gone even more into meta terrain based on the 'real' 'fake' real' 'fake' sort of play at work, or even been more exuberant or crazy; certainly, when one hears about this idea for a story, it has to come down to execution. I think those who hear about it like that may be thrown off or even disappointed by what Kumiko the Treasure Hunter is. It's much more of a film about its own sense of magic realism, that this indicator of treasure is discovered one day in a cave off of a beach (why is she there, what for, who knows it's there), and then when the ending comes, which, spoiler, she DOES find the suitcase in the snow (with Bunzo present), it feels like it's gone off from reality.Is this in her head? I think its ambiguity is not unearned but part of a kind of dreamy logic that is really all about a dreamer. It's most telling that Werner Herzog has a glowing recommendation on the front of the blu-ray; many of his films deal with people trying to find something great that is beyond them, yet the vehicle of cinematic expression itself makes things more realer than reality, that it carries on an extra dimension for an audience member (i.e. Aguirre as an actual Conquistador, or Fitzcarraldo with the ship, or Stroszek, also set in the North Mid-West, which I thought of a few times). It's a downright Herzogian trip, and the lead Rikku Kiuchi (you may recall from Babel and Pacific Rim) is outstanding in scenes where she has to also play it (and even wear that red hood, a fairy tale character with a blanket-shield) as ambiguously as the writers have it: is she crazy? Is she a little 'off'? Who's to say?I don't think the filmmakers ever judge her for a moment, and that's why this story works - on the contrary, if anything she is practically lifted to mythic status, and it will deliver different things depending on the audience watching. Do you want a sad ending or happy ending? Should a dreamer like Kumiko get what she's after? Like the film that Kumiko is obsessing over, it's never quite so clear.

Brandon S (es) wrote: Wow! This movie blew me away! A masterpiece of gorgeous animation, biting social commentary, hilarious writing, and a talented cast of all-star voices. Everything you want in an animated entertainment with a solid head on its shoulders.

Craig T (mx) wrote: What starts as a potent exploration of grief and guilt becomes a silly, impotent recycling of modern horror tropes. The characters and the film were better off before the titular door's threshold was crossed.