O Vampiro da Cinemateca

O Vampiro da Cinemateca


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O Vampiro da Cinemateca torrent reviews

Akira Y (it) wrote: I loved how it built up to revealing what happened to Jamie. It had me on the edge of my seat. The soft tones of compassion and empathy were like a breath of fresh air. A very well put together movie. <3

Neeti M (mx) wrote: as entertaining as I expected it to be. must watch!

Gabriel T (br) wrote: It is bloated on so many levels that I can consider it one of the most forgettable films I have seen this year.

Nick W (au) wrote: Good acting, but suffers from cliche dialogue and terrible plot.

Carl N (ru) wrote: Yet another pedestrian Saw type rip-off. It has nothing in it you haven't seen before. No suspense, tame kills with poor FX. All the characters are extremely unlikable, so I really couldn't wait for them to die. I guessed who the killer was within the first ten minutes. So the only reason I sat through the rest of the film was for the final explanation as to why they were killing? And I really wished I hadn't because the ending is just insulting. Avoid at all costs.

Michael D (mx) wrote: This movie was terrible. Typical pathetic and stereotypical portrayal of the gay characters.

Tom S (jp) wrote: I could watch an entire feature of that little Gregory kid. But not if he keeps falling out of windows. That was not funny.

Ricardo H (ca) wrote: BARELY OKAY...is the best I can say about this movie. The heroine/victim is very non-believable. The villain is actually too much of a good guy. The real bad guy was terribly cast with a baby-faced sibling to a semi-famous star, and the whole plot is just not enough to hold the audience in a theatre. This was a "movie of the week" on TV at best

Sarah C (fr) wrote: Starts off like the movie 'Stuck' but not a good. Its a fun ride but bad acting and the ending sucked.

AW C (kr) wrote: A cute movie with surprising depth of theme and character.