Obituary for Escobar

Obituary for Escobar

Serbian crime drama focusing on Belgrade's violent criminal underworld. Obituary For Escobar distinguishes itself from other recent crime dramas with its strong visual style and energetic approach. Borko was a young effeminate boy bullied at school by the self-styled 'Ghandi'. Years on, Ghandi is now a warlord, wrecking mayhem in pursuit of his ambition to become the leading drug lord in the Balkans. His execution of the rival 'Serbian Escobar' coincides with the mysterious placement of an obituary for the real Escobar by two stoners. In Ghandi's pursuit of the assailants he meets Lela, a stunning mystery woman who leads Ghandi to reconsider both "Borko" and his life in crime.

A comic look at Serbian criminal milieu, shown as a bunch of rude and primitive members deeply involved in organized crime which have its roots in their school days' friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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