A feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them.

A feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (jp) wrote: I demand the death of the whole family as punishment.In AD 986 in North China a General is kidnapped from his command post due to a massacre he once caused. His wife and seven sons are left behind, including two sons who are more known for their punishments and failures than their combat ability. Of course, the sons set out to rescue their father, but they face impossible odds and they all can't survive..."Your so called ally is a scheming rival."Ronny Yu, director of Freddy vs Jason, Formula 51, Fearless, Bride of Chucky, The Bride with White Hair, China White, Warrior of Virtue, and Chasing Dragon, delivers Saving General Yang. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and well told. The action scenes are fairly epic and well done though a few fight scenes seems to rely a bit too much on CGI. The acting was solid and the cast includes Ekin Cheng, Ady An, Adam Cheng, and Raymond Lam."The promise I'm carrying is weightier than yours."The storyline for this picture was better than I anticipated and this reminded me slightly of Warlords with Jet Li and Andy Lau. This wasn't quite as good as that picture, but pretty good, and I loved the battle scenes. Overall, this is a worthwhile picture if you're a fan of these martial arts epics. I recommend seeing this once."Let the old man taste suffering."Grade: B-

Private U (nl) wrote: hihi, y a meme la route des mounines

Alison S (de) wrote: Two Culkins for the price of one, what other reason is needed to watch this film...I' ve had this on my wishlist for a couple of years, so great to finally catch it. The story line was pretty good, but then I do enjoy this type of movie where you see interesting aspects of peoples lives and the way situations psychologically effect them............

Jesse L (mx) wrote: what a sad ass movie, it was on bravo last night.

Dann M (kr) wrote: Atrocious garbage, Spawn is a poorly made B-horror film. After being betrayed and killed by his boss, black ops assassin Al Simmons makes a deal with the Devil Malebolgia to lead the legions of Hell in a war against Heaven in exchange for being allowed to return to the world and see his former wife. The acting is quite awful; particularly Martin Sheen and John Leguizamo, who really ham it up. However, the actors don't have much to work with; as the script is horrendously bad. Additionally, the sets look incredibly cheap and the special effects are cartoonish. One of the worst comic book films ever made, Spawn fails on every level.

Tiffany G (de) wrote: This movies is great. Truly for dancers. I'd watch it again.

Ashley T (kr) wrote: Bad brat pack movie. Young Viggo, but still bad. He only gets better with age!

Joel A (de) wrote: Woody Allen's first & I believe only Mockumentary on the fictitious Zelig character who is more or less a human chameleon.The use of visual trickery is fantastic the way in which Woody adds Zelig into original footage & stills is sublime. Mia Farrow is yet again the muse for many if not most of Woody's 1980's endeavours. Quite original & well thought off, Woody was by no means your typical comedy director he did a film here that not any one could 'just' pull off.

Maisam M (es) wrote: Reasons why i have to watch this movie.. lol.. 1. it has the title of where am coming from. 2. IT HAS THE TITLE OF WHERE AM COMING FROM. 3. It hAs tHE TiTlE oF WheRE aM ComiNG FrOM lol.. okay, am going nuts

Julien M (us) wrote: Nothing new and a lot of use of other movie or tv show (Falling Skies for example). Story is a bit messy like when the first get attack and we wonder why it's by humans when it's a movie about aliens. It's stay good for a low budget move. Didn't recognised Adrian Paul at all.

Calyre Z (ru) wrote: "Excs de confiance"

James L (ag) wrote: The dialogue in this film and the details revealed in the characters discussion, are very flimsy. Unfortunately, all they needed to do was introduce one discussion about the evidence of faith and one discussion about Darwinism. Also a collaboration with an archeological scholar about the finding of ancient evidence which support the biblical narrative, would have gone a long way in adding to the depth of this films script. None of this is done, and as a result we have a weak argument from both characters on both sides of the discussion. 2 stars

Katrina R (ag) wrote: The depths of desperation in love.