The alien outlaw, Redeye, murders the town sheriff and then he and his gang terrorize the town. It's up to the sheriff's son, an empath, and his native american sidekick, to rescue the town and exact revenge for his father's murder.

On this planet, it's Cowboys and Aliens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Oblivion torrent reviews

Randy M (nl) wrote: It's a little weird, but very interesting story line.

Ludovic D (de) wrote: American Pie loup avec un scnario nul c'est dire . . .

Jessica H (br) wrote: Another recycled idea without focus or anything of interest.

Jim B (au) wrote: Stupid movie that portrays depression as something you can just switch off at anytime. Could have been good but I found myself getting annoyed the longer it went on.

Paula R (jp) wrote: ihan lepposa telkkaristakatottava leffa.syytn hormoooneja ett t ja kaikki muukin itkett.

Brandon S (br) wrote: A slick little action horror ride that is significantly more well-made than it needs to be.

Jude P (nl) wrote: Such a original story all in all, beautiful movie in all aspects.

Anaideia E (ca) wrote: My favorite movie, It's funny, scary and crazy ! Chucky and Tiffany are my favorite characters of all the time !

Monster (nl) wrote: This is an adorable story about life and coming of age. It is entertaining, it makes you laugh, it inspires and it's also an absolutely cute love story.

Emod L (ag) wrote: 75%Short on substance but grand in storytelling, 300 is atmospheric pleasure.

Alex M (de) wrote: Phenomenal origins story and 40's production

WS W (ag) wrote: Sorta cute but nothing special.

Sair W (de) wrote: I enjoyed the zombies, because they looked like people rather than comic book monsters. It was a little slow at times, not a bad movie, but not a great one either.