Obra Maestra

Obra Maestra


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Tagalog,Filipino
  • Reference:Imdb
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Obra Maestra torrent reviews

Pablo E (br) wrote: Una entrenidisima comedia espaola que sigue la historia de un profesor espaol de Albacete obsesionado con la figura de los Beatles, y en especial de John Lennon. Al enterarse que Lennon estaba grabando un largometraje en Almera, decide tomar sus cosas y partir hacia una ventura que nunca haba tenido en su vida. En el camino conocer a una joven embarazada que huye de la presin social, y a un joven quinceaero que tambin huye pero de una figura paterna asfixiante. Muy honesta y entretenida, se vuelve muy recomendable.

Amy H (kr) wrote: This is like the foreign version of Captain Phillips but this is so much better, more emotional and exciting. Great acting and movie. Tense and real feeling of being held at gun-point.

Sitinga K (mx) wrote: Good action crime thriller from Congo (DRC)! The characters were great and mufti-dimensional. Im not sure what happened to Rivas brother though - the plot isnt too clear about that- but the movie is worth the watch and the plot is unpredictable.

Horace C (gb) wrote: ?????????????,??????????????laughing???????????,???????????????????????,??????,??????,(???????????????????).???tvb??????????,????????,???laughing????????????????????????,?????????d????????,????????????????,????????????,??laughing????!

Jim M (kr) wrote: Hondurus, 1985: A secret NSA experiment is terminated at the hands of a GRU (Soviet Military Intelligeance) strike team. Seattle, Present Day: Pyschic Tracey Wellman is jired by a presidential candidate to find his missing daugter, a search that will lead to a dangerious cult and the secrets of her past. Average B-Movie fare. Lead Emmanuelle Vaugier looks decient (little less makeup), and Michael Ironside and Eric Roberts are perfectly cast (though each seems to think there in a movie thats better then this one).

Jeana W (au) wrote: The only good Cop dog type movie!

3lb3h (ca) wrote: I love this movie to!!

Pierre J (ca) wrote: very touching and thoughtfully well written on not crossing the line between stereotypes and plain racist.

Bronwen M (de) wrote: Very uniquely edited - prime Cinema Studies material. Stays with you weeks after you've finished watching it.

Kenneth L (nl) wrote: This is a hard movie to review in my usual fashion, because it's literally unlike any other film I've ever seen (though its story did inspire 12 Monkeys, so I guess there is indeed some similarity there). The movie consists almost entirely of still, black-and-white images, edited with greater or lesser rapidity as the story demands, and narrated by an omniscient voice. It's a short film, only 28 minutes long, and tells a story involving a post-apocalyptic world from which a man is sent back in time with the weirdest time machine in any movie ever. I honestly spent too much of the movie trying to puzzle out exactly how the time machine worked, given that the main character's body seemed to be continuously present in his own time. The overall plot isn't as confusing as something like Primer, but it's still quite difficult to wrap your head around this one. I also can't really talk about performances per se, since the movie is 99% still photographs. Some people might argue this isn't even really a movie, but it is a great whatever it is.

Ian W (au) wrote: Possibly the longest film I have ever seen. They don't make movies like this anymore. Very enjoyable and another classic to cross of my list.

Scott M (fr) wrote: That it was filmed over 12 years is a good indication why you shouldn't make a movie like this again. Please don't. I hated every minute of it. Long and boring.

Kim W (kr) wrote: It's a pretty ok film, we finally learn why candyman is the way he is and it sort of makes you feel sorry for him, but there are still unanswered questions and no sign of Helen, it's like the writers just forgot about her, still worth a watch if you don't try reading too much into it

Zachary L (ru) wrote: Great movie Clint Eastwood is an Unbelievable actor. What a great cast.