Occident is a bittersweet comedy that focuses on the growing tendency of Eastern European youth to migrate west. When the amicable Luci (Alexandru Papadopol) and his beautiful lover Sorina ...

Occident is a bittersweet comedy that focuses on the growing tendency of Eastern European youth to migrate west. When the amicable Luci (Alexandru Papadopol) and his beautiful lover Sorina ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester E (jp) wrote: This film is worth adding to your collection...

Viktor N (es) wrote: By all means, it could easy be a true story.. A little scary to consider that but..

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: The score/sound track were the strongest aspects of this little indie.

Dorian G (ca) wrote: A great performance by Paul Rudd and his supporting cast of gorgeous young actresses. Not as much a comedy as advertised, but still a great film.

Cedric L (jp) wrote: Jaw-dropping visual effects with good performances and engaging action.

Allan V (br) wrote: A laconic, dark, and at times very funny film that is similar in style and theme to the Cohen brothers. Thomas Hayden Church is very watchable as the titular 'hero' - with a suitably laid back performance..

Robert B (us) wrote: From Within (Phedon Papamichael, 2008)Well-known DP/cinematographer Papamichael, who has worked on projects as disparate as the Best Picture-nominated The Descendants, the exploitation flick Stripped to Kill II, and Identity, one of the great overlooked horror films of the past ten years, rarely steps into the director's role. He did in 2008 with From Within which contains, to date, the only halfway decent script penned by Brad Keene (who was also responsible for the horrific The Gravedancers). Not a bad little film, quite possibly the best of the lot from After Dark Horrorfest 3 (I still haven't seen a couple of the entries, but it's far superior to the five I have), but still has some issues that rank it as a film probably best left to hardcore fans of low-budget horror.Plot: as we open, two rebellious teens who live in a small town in Maryland, Sean (Deadgirl's Shiloh Farnandez in an uncredited role) and Natalie (Hostage's Rumer Willis), necking in a secluded spot. You get the idea you know where this is going, at least until Sean kills himself. Natalie, understandably traumatized, rushes back into town and into her father (b.Monkey's Jared Harris)'s dress shop, babbling that she's being followed by a strange woman. Within moments, she, too, has killed herself, and this is just the beginning of a rash of suicides in this town. While the rest of the populace girds their loins with the armor of faith, Aidan (A Nightmare on Elm St.'s Thomas Dekker), Sean's younger brother, and his friend Lindsay (My Dog Skip's Elizabeth Rice) try to figure out what's actually going on, and whether it may have supernatural origins. Lindsay's problem is that, unlike Aidan and Sean, she was raised in the conservative-Christian atmosphere of the town-is, in fact, the girlfriend of the son of the local megachurch's preacher ( a great, sleazy-to-the-max role for TV character actor Stephen Culp)-and she is torn between the town's belief that God will provide and the evidence of her own senses.It's got so much potential, and in some ways, it delivers. Dekker and Rice are good enough actors, and there's a solid chemistry between them that taps into the love-triangle subplot before you even know it's there. And while fundamentalist Christians are almost too easy a target for any plot dealing with corruption, blasphemy, etc., Papamichael and Roy keep enough Christians in the plot on the good side of the coin to remind us that they're not attempting to tar the entire town with the same brush (a subtlety that, it seems, was lost on a number of fundamentalist commenters on IMDB, who attacked the film for doing exactly that).On the other hand, the longer the movie goes, the more ludicrous the premise gets, and pieces of it seem to wander in for no reason. Specifically, the character of Sadie (Keith's Margo Harshman), Aidan and Sean's cousin-what is she even doing in this movie, except possibly providing a little more shading to the grey areas by providing a non-angelic (pardon the pun) pagan character to mirror the preacher? Problem is, she's not a weighty enough character to do so, leaving her being extremely annoying with no reason for being in this movie. Gah.In other words, not a great movie, not an awful one. I do wish the talented, underutilized Shiloh Fernandez had had a larger role. ** 1/2

Jeremy P (gb) wrote: This movie was not very good. It is hard to understand the actors and the movie ends very suddenly. Some of it keeps you intriged but in the end you will get very upset you spent time watching it.

Julie B (it) wrote: Well, thumbs up for actually scaring me a bit, and a lot of the scary bits were actually original...plot gets muddled though..well, not so much the plot but you feel at the end that you didn't really uncover any answers..its like "oh...he lost his marbles, and now someone else will too because he's dead" some confusing bits were cutting babies, "lie still", people in tv, things getting to his gf before him, old hag poisoning the dude, etc,etc....

Brian V (fr) wrote: I've watched my copy so much it skips. Time for a blu ray!

Jesse O (gb) wrote: I think everybody in the cast is very talented, I really do. And they sure as shit try their best to make this film work but I think the script is pretty terrible. The script isn't really worried about characters as much as it is worried about making sure that there are silly hi-jinks for the characters to get into. It had the potential to be a sweet yet dark romantic comedy, but it didn't work. The problem is, the writing in the film feels like it's straight off a sitcom. And not a very good one at that. This is where the cast comes in and really saves the day. That's not to say that they make the movie good, but they at least make it far better than it had any right to be with this shitty script. While I don't think the movie's decent, they do salvage the film in some ways. The movie has its funny moments. The funniest being Christopher Walken in his delivery of a line after a short sequence where nobody could finish a sentence. I don't think this line would've been funny if done by anybody else other than Christopher Walken. Because it really isn't a funny line and it probably didn't read as funny on paper either, but Walken makes it work. Hell, he's probably the only interesting character in the entire film with his trying to make the business of undertaking far more entertaining. The rest of the characters are fine but severely underdeveloped. The problem with the romance between Boris and Betty is that the only reason they're "attracted" to each other is that they didn't get to share a dance at a school party when they were in their teens. That's literally ALL there is to their love. Is that really reason enough to fall in love with someone? It's clear I'm over-analyzing things, as I tend to do, since I'm sure I was supposed to fill in the cracks on my own, but it's still a little silly when all the movie presents is that they never danced with each other and, apparently, that was supposed to be enough to show how much in love they were. That's not enough for me. Really, at worst, the movie is a series of unfortunate, and contrived, events without a rhyme or reason other than it's just goofy. At best, it's a shitty script that is elevated slightly by its cast, even if they can't work miracles with a script that seems to have barely made it out of the first draft stage.

Patricia D (jp) wrote: this was a really good movie i loved it

Courtney W (fr) wrote: Artistic, quirky, and boring. Reminded me at times of Spirited Away and Modern Times, making me wish I were watching one them instead.

Kyle G (kr) wrote: I find this a great film for everyone to see. It has great songs and each character shows a unique personality. Personally, i think Santa in this film is alot more cheerful than the Rankin bass special. The voice acting is great as well and I recommend this film.

Ryan C (es) wrote: If "Husbands and Wives" is one of Woody Allen's most overlooked films, then certainly "Stardust Memories" is one of his most misunderstood films. It's easy to call "Stardust Memories" one of his most self-indulgent movies. Ever. But I think audiences missed the point Allen was trying to make. He wasn't attacking his audience or his critics. If anything, "Stardust Memories" has one of the most uplifting endings of all of Allen's pictures. Love, essentially, is the answer to all of his questions in the movie.Let's take the opening sequence (it's one of my all-time favorite Woody Allen moments - even though it's absolutely drenched in references to Fellini's "8 1/2" and Bergman's "Wild Strawberries"). We're shown two trains (each train represents the path you take in life). One is filled with depressed looking souls (including Sandy Bates, played by Allen). The other is filled with beautiful, happy people. The two trains, ultimately, end up at the same place - a landfill (or death). So, the question that arises is: What does it matter which train you're on? You wind up at the same destination, anyway. But as Sandy Bates looks around at the people he's surrounded by, he realizes that he wants to be on the other train. He realizes that he wants happiness in his life, and he wants to enjoy life. This sets up the rest of the movie. "Stardust Memories" becomes a "life quest" (and I'm not a fan of using that term, but I'll use it anyway) for Sandy Bates. Can he (finally) find love and acceptance from the right people? He's constantly shrouded in love and acceptance from his fans (just as long as he continues to make funny pictures). But he knows that love isn't real. Once he stops feeling funny and stops making funny pictures, he knows those fans will turn their backs on him. Not only will they turn their backs on him, but they'll attack him as well. (Maybe that's why they look so grotesque - because they're not "true" fans of his.)All of his fears and anxieties, then, become projected outwardly, and the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred during the weekend-long film retrospective devoted to Sandy's (earlier, funnier) movies. He's visited by many people during this weekend; some are real, some are imaginary fragments of his past. But all of the people (and intergalactic beings) that visit him help him on his journey, and help him figure out what truly matters in life (even if it is telling funnier jokes). Charlotte Rampling plays Sandy's long-lost love, Dorrie. She seems to be the catalyst for Sandy's downward spiral. One of her best scenes comes when Sandy remembers how she broke up with him. Woody Allen frames Rampling in a close-up shot, and we see how she breaks up with Sandy -- only we witness the break-up in several different (rapid) takes. It's almost as if Sandy is reliving the break-up over and over (and over). It also seems that Sandy is still broken from the relationship with Dorrie, and he can't (or doesn't want to) move on with life without her. Woody Allen has said that a majority of "Stardust Memories" takes place in Sandy's mind (in fact, after Sandy sees the dead rabbit his maid is about to cook for him at the beginning, what follows is all fantasy). Whether or not this is true, Sandy still goes on a journey (whether it's real or all in his mind) -- and he still comes to the conclusion that life is better when you are in good company and when you have someone who loves you and accepts you. He realizes this at the end, and that's why he chases after Isobel. That's also why he tells her, "This has been an interesting weekend for me... I feel differently about a lot of things... I feel lighter... we're on the same train and it's not as terrible as I thought it was because we like each other and we have some laughs and we have some closeness." That's all anyone could ask for. When you find that right person, it doesn't matter which train you're on because you will no doubt enjoy the ride.

Scott R (us) wrote: Quirky, silly, not pc, but fun.

Andrey B (jp) wrote: Maybe a bit controversial in its portraying of a little girl as a sexual object a la Lolita, but the pairing of young Natalie and Jean Reno makes a riveting experience.

Sean J (mx) wrote: This movie is better than Moby Dick, and I don't say that about many movies.