Occupied Palestine

Occupied Palestine

Long before the first Intifada drew international media to focus on Palestinian life under Israeli rule, David Koff produced this in-depth portrait of the daily conflict being waged in ...

Long before the first Intifada drew international media to focus on Palestinian life under Israeli rule, David Koff produced this in-depth portrait of the daily conflict being waged in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rendan L (us) wrote: While it can feel rather derivative, Daniel Blake is a slice of life that holds no punches. Grade: B+

Frederick M (jp) wrote: Filled with horrid acting with an excruciating story. A true definition of a gimmick with wasted potential. I found myself slogged just to get through this bore-fest. A shit of a movie.

Katie P (es) wrote: Sooooo I can understand Yiddish (it's pretty much just German). Good to know.

Alexi T (jp) wrote: i would love to see this :)

Spencer D (ag) wrote: Whatever this movie was supposed to do" and I really don't know what that is" it did. Very intelligent look at horror movies in general, focusing more on and analyzing fetish films, with a clever twist.

Allegra F (nl) wrote: Very moving, powerful film; tells this emotionally charged story in an engaging way. There were definitely some points that left me a bit confused; it felt a little rushed towards the end. But this story needs to be told, and this film's the one to tell it.

Jackie S (gb) wrote: a look at a case from the 1930s involving a group of 9 boys falsely accused of rape in the south. disturbing.

Leila V (de) wrote: Everyone should see this movie.

Adam R (nl) wrote: A powerful drama set in a mental institution. Strong acting from the entire cast, but Angelina Jolie was particularly impressive. This has to be the best of her career. (First and only full viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Vince F (mx) wrote: I'm always interested in watching directors first movies, to see what they cut their teeth with and to also see if I can spot the aesthetics they would later use in their next features. Being a HUGE fan of the Stephen King adaption "Pet Sematary" (and even it's mis-understood sequel)I always loved the visual approach that they had. There's just something so absorbing about those films, I love there visual motifs. They were both directed by Mary Lambert, who is responsible for a shitload of Madonna music videos (Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Like a Virgin, among many others) as well as countless other 80ies musicians, I spent years trying to obtain a copy of this, her first film. No matter how bad some of the songs were that she directed videos for, I cannot deny the unique and sexy style she always brings to them. Seeing that I also never had a personal favorite female horror director, it seemed she passed the grade. So naturally I looked out for a copy of her first film, Siesta, and after many years of looking, I FINALLY got hold of a copy thanks to Ebay about three years ago.The movie opens with one of the most interesting ways I've seen a film start, with Claire (the super hot Ellen Barkin) waking up on a Airport landing strip in Spain, a huge jet plane landing over her, as she wakes up, wearing a sexy red dress, covered in blood with no recollection of who she is, how she got there,and just what the fuck is going on. She screams, runs down a highway, finds a stream, gets naked and lays in the stream, covering her hot body with water under the scorching sun. She then proceeds to run through the streets of the city in Spain(it is never declared which city), and slowly begins to piece together what is going down, this aspect reminded me of Memento. Along her confused frenzied journey, she meets Julian Sands and Jodie Foster, two carefree, party animals, she meets a sinister cab driver who looks like JAWS from the James bonds movies, he wants to rape her. She also keeps tripping out in one of the movies many wicked artistic touches of quick flashes of fantasy (or memory, or anticipation) in which she falls helplessly through the air. She attends some art party, gets a haircut, tries to obtain a fake passport from Grace Jones, walks along a rope to a spanish tune and here and there has flashbacks of her lover, Gabriel Byrne, who use to be her teacher but is dumping her. She also remembers that she is a dare devil and has to free fall from a plane into a net that is on fire without any parachute. Sinister events happen, she runs here, she runs there, she also has wounds that disappear, and runs into a church and asks for forgiveness. This narrative is confusing yes, but it's one of those movies were the less sense it makes, the more you can't stop watching. Eventually everything is resolved, and we find out the movie is about obsession, love and the necessity for accepting change, otherwise, you just makes things worse for yourself.The soundtrack is by Miles Davis, and it suits the movie to a T. Very hypnotic. Jazz music rocks!The acting is superb, with Ellen Barkin, Julian Sands, Jodie Foster, Gabriel Byrne, Martin Sheen, Isabella Rossellini, and comedian Alexei Sayle chewing up the scenery,looking like they are having a blast with such outrageous material. GREAT casting, someone buy this casting director a beer (or 10). Big props to Mary Lambert, who infuses the movie with a one of a kind, stylish eye candy look. Dare I say she could be the female David Fincher? So many shots in here that made my mouth water. If it wasn't those already mentioned sky diving shots, then it was those surreal transitions, hyper kinetic editing and trippy lighting. The cinematography was awesome, everything looked like a Gothic painting, and the set design was ambitious. I loved the religious imagery and subtle symbolism that was sprinkled throughout. I loved the way the red dress was used, against the back drop of the Spanish architecture. The movie had this undercurrent of unease as well as a sad, depressing ending that was very relate-able, anyone that has ever been in a relationship that ended badly and then refused to accept it would appreciate this movie,as it channels that emotional torment perfectly. I got vibes from such flicks as Jacob's Ladder, Mulholland Drive, Donnie Darko, Memento, Lost Highway, and Carnival of Souls from watching this, that's a good thing. A complex, mind fuck of a flick, that should be released on DVD already. My VHS copy is getting worn out.It's a shame Ms. Lambert never got the kind of career many other music video directors obtained, and has succumbed to low budget crap fests (urban legends 3 to be one of them) the past 5 years or so, she obviously has great talent and a wicked eye. Choose better scripts my dear, your better then the ones you've been offered!!!

Bill B (it) wrote: This is a great film that I hadn't re-watched in years that just so happened to turn up on cable.This left me with the feeling of watching low budget action that manages to pack more punch than a lot of Hollywood junk being produced now, well worth re-visiting.Recommended.

Wari R (nl) wrote: The film starts off really good an then goes down hill the minute the giant ants appear. There is no blood or any kind of gruesome kills. I mean we don't even see any Ants get ripped apart. Movies like this are notorious for over the top outrageous scenes, and at a time when the late 70's pulled no punches this was a small let down for me. If it wasn't so TV friendly this might have been a jewel.

Aj V (it) wrote: This movie is cool, it made its audience think about the racism in the media at the time and showed in a radically comedic way how things could change. I think this movie is awesome, but it has some weak spots, it could be a bit better. Overall, I liked it, it's good, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Karen H (gb) wrote: 2013-06-23 watched for 2nd time, updated fro 3.5 to 4

Jake A (mx) wrote: Though I do have a problem with the film that is centered on the civil rights era having no central character performed by a black actor this is still an incredible film with what is there generally being faultless. The two lead performances by Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe are superb with Frances McDormand offering up an excellent supporting performance, the rest of the cast is solid, the script and plot deal with the nonsensical hatred and violence towards innocent black people really well, the score is solid and it looks great.