Occupy Love

Occupy Love

OCCUPY LOVE captures the heart of the movement of movements that is sweeping the planet in response to today's economic and environmental crises. 'Philosopher-filmmaker' Velcrow Ripper ...

OCCUPY LOVE captures the heart of the movement of movements that is sweeping the planet in response to today's economic and environmental crises. 'Philosopher-filmmaker' Velcrow Ripper ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Husain D (us) wrote: It is a sad trend in Bollywood to name movies that have nothing to do with it's contents, and this movie is no exception. It is a dismal movie whose only saving grace is it's cast's performance, but just barely. For the most part, the interviews of characters scattered throughout the movie killed it. They served no purpose at all and I can't imagine what they were trying to compensate with it.

Jordon J (it) wrote: Harron, a supremely intelligent adaptor who did wonders with the screen version of Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, simply doesn't have the chops to give this story the florid kick it needs. I say SKIP IT!!!

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Woody Harrelson stars in this Kick Ass clone but I really struggled to like or get into it for that matter

Jacob L (mx) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie-The characters were interesting, the story line compelling and frankly the fact that it takes place in one place and just shows visions of other scenes just adds to the twisted humor of the situation, and lo as a character was just immaculate, full of a mixture of taunts, dark humor and a strange- yet still twisted- compassion, always warning the main character to turn back and warns him of what could happenAll in all-Beautiful movie that deserves more recognition than what it gets

Shanuja G (us) wrote: they both had a nechles

Hannah M (gb) wrote: While Phoenix, Ruffalo and Connelly turn out amazing performances, I found myself getting irritated by huge glaring things that the film sets up, but doesn't seem to take much notice of and decides not to follow through on. It's hard to be ambiguous here, as I probably could not go into more detail without spoiling the movie. I have to admit though, I was close to tears during the first 20 minutes of the movie. There is some raw emotion here dealing with the loss of a child. I was completely convinced. The ending was satisfying as well. Perhaps it's the middle that seemed to lose steam and get a little hazy and out of focus. But for the beginning and end, it's well worth seeing.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: North Country has a powerfully well told story and strong acting performances particularly from Charlize Theron and also examines the issues ranging from male dominance, sexual harassment and power in the workplace back then very well

Syed A (nl) wrote: Much better than its sequel....the nana and vivek story is really good.....others are also pretty decent...you can watch it once....

Mitchell M (es) wrote: Whether you're an Eminem fan or not, this film is pretty entertaining, with the rapper giving a great performance in the lead role. Unlike many music artists, it seems he can act as he is believable on screen.He is supported by strong performances by Brittany Murphy, Mekhi Phifer, Kim Basinger and Michael Shannon.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: Don't disappoint me. I've been disappointed enough.A man slaving in corporate America is in love with his asshole boss's wife and his wife won't leave him despite the boss obviously cheating on her. The man is in a miserable marriage where even she doesn't respect him. The man wakes up one day with a white mask on his face and much ambition pumping through his veins. He uses this blank face to take revenge on those who have wronged him."If I could fuck a car, I'd never leave my garage."George Romero, director of Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Crazies, The Dark Half, Monkey Shines, Creepshow, and Knightriders, delivers Bruiser. The storyline of this film is okay but the film felt very 80s and low budget. The film wasn't overly well written and the acting was average. The cast includes Jason Flemying, Peter Stormare, Leslie Hope, Nina Garbiras, Andrew Tarbet, and Tom Atkins."I may be a loser, but I know exactly what to do with an extension cord."Bruiser is a movie I grabbed off Netflix because it is directed by the horror legend George A. Romero and I had never see it. This thriller was fairly mediocre and not on par with The Crazies or similar psychological takes on character situations Romero has historically delivered so well. Overall, this is only worth seeing if you're a Romero diehard."Your taste is in your ass."Grade: C-

Carol H (it) wrote: A sappy and overly nostalgic piece of mush.

Samantha S (gb) wrote: Still fascinating all these years later - the nature of beauty, youth, illusion, all on parade over the course of couple of days at a small town's picnic.

Jon F (mx) wrote: it is rilly good but a bit more inappropriate, gory and a bit scaryer then the first one but some of the gremlins are way cooler and the the speshol affects are better to

Chris K (br) wrote: The tag on the poster is exactly what this film is, just real brutal action! fantastic fight scenes all shot brilliantly, although the character development is a little slow to start with, by the end you will definately be rooting for one of the fighters (i rooted for mark "the homeless" who is actually a pretty decent bloke as well as a kick ass fighter) all in all definately worth a watch!