Ocean Flame

Ocean Flame

Wong Yiu was a very shameless person and a blackmailer until one day he met a waitress named Ni Chen. He thought Ni Chen was like any other girls that could be controlled by him, but her stubbornness was way beyond his imagination. As time goes by, they both lost their ways and losing themselves in the process. He was not as free as he once was. Insanity causes him to end her life. Eight years later, Wong Yiu stepped out from the jail. He carried a gun and went to look for Ni Chen's mother at her home wishing to fulfill his own will. Written by Cannes Film Festival

Wong Yiu was a very shameless person and a blackmailer until one day he met a waitress named Ni Chen. He thought Ni Chen was like any other girls that could be controlled by him, but her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy H (de) wrote: sadly this movie is about what is happening to our freedoms and country.

Zach M (gb) wrote: This was an enjoyable movie based on the Jack Ryan character. It isn't as good as the Harrison Ford movies but it feels like it belongs.Chris Pine and Kenneth Branagh were both quite good. Good action and tense thriller.

Love M (it) wrote: A well made, turbulent drama supported perfectly by the cast but failed with the sluggish pacing.20/10/2013

Ethan P (br) wrote: In the center of a dark, smoky room, one strapping man pounds away at another to entertain the crowd of howling, angry businessman dressed in grey and black suits. In the cellar of a crumbling an apartment, three children huddle underneath a tattered blanket to keep warm. At the gate to the docks, a mob of fathers bash against the iron fence all fighting for a shift to put food on the table. Cinderella Man has an incredible sense of the time and place and circumstances of its story. It looks dark, ragged and vintage with its period clothing and architecture. It feels desperate and gritty with its discouraged cast of characters and dreary settings. If for nothing else, the film should be appreciated for how effectively it captures the desperate mood and decrepit aesthetic of the Depression.It has an undeniable spirit and grit. The matches are burly, bloody and thrilling to behold in the beautiful, smoky atmosphere of the boxing ring and they give both the characters and audience a distraction from the otherwise sad circumstances of the story. The heart of the film is James' fall and dramatic rise, but the film is not really a character study. There are no inner conflicts or introspective monologues here. Russell Crowe is an ordinary good guy with a strict moral code. He's likable, but not complex. Normally it wouldn't work, but it works here because the conflict is between this very regular man and extraordinarily circumstances that strip away everything he has. The film is powerful because it celebrates a victory during a time of so much loss. In portraying that idea, the filmmakers succeeded. It is an immensely cathartic and satisfying film.

john r (es) wrote: i thought this movie was great but i cant find it anywhere

Julia T (us) wrote: Not as good as the original but entertaining.

Sayer F (ca) wrote: Andrei Rublev may be brutal, dark, and depressing, but it's beautifully made. The whole film has a huge sense of balance, leaving the viewer to side with what he/she thinks. Anatoli Solonitsyn gives an incredible performance as Rublev, and I can't help but call this the greatest movie I've ever seen.

Dan P (gb) wrote: I found the ending of "Lonely are the Brave" to be very predictable. Not a very believable story. Many legendary actors appear in this one.

Jim H (ag) wrote: A rakish bachelor shares a party line with a prudish single woman.Shallow and farcical, Pillow Talk rests wholly on the assumption that its audience will find Rock Hudson and Doris Day sufficiently charming that they could perform whatever script and tell whatever story and the audience will still find them attractive. Unfortunately for the film, I find them both attractive but cannot stand a story that is so contrived and ridiculous that it insults my intelligence and over-estimates its own charm.Overall, this film proves that fluff is as old as cinema itself.

Sebastin B (gb) wrote: Some funny parts but kind of obscure.

Jordan L (it) wrote: this movie works in such a slow pace and is so unpredictable it genuinely involves the viewer to be just as entranced and frightened as the little girl. this is a film that is confounded with constant discovery.