Ocean Men: Extreme Dive

Ocean Men: Extreme Dive

OCEAN MEN takes you on a giant screen adventure into the world of two freedivers and their unique relationship to the sea.

OCEAN MEN takes you on a giant screen adventure into the world of two freedivers and their unique relationship to the sea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ocean Men: Extreme Dive torrent reviews

Damon R (br) wrote: I had a blast watching the Iron Man anime movie. It's so cool.

Doug R (br) wrote: still on my foreign horror kick. pretty decent dutch flick. solid gore effects and slick cinematography.

Murdoch M (it) wrote: For what it is (influential piece of the mumblecore movement), I really enjoyed this flick.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: Now Here a Love Story that I can Enjoy cuz It makes Fuckin Sense. Here is a love between 2 people who fight over stupid shit but it's not stupid to them because they are autistic. The shit they fight about made sense to them and it made sense to me because here are 2 people in love that have no sense to begin with. Pretty damn funny too and good performances all around.

Heavenly B (ca) wrote: I have to be honest, and say I missed most of the first half of the film, so I missed pretty much all of Michael Caine's performance, but what little I did see was excellent.I loved the rest of it; it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think.There was a cute dog, and an even cuter little boy, who melted my heart, especially when he smiled.And Christopher Walken throwing some shapes. Frankly, what more do you want?The ending, although a foregone conclusion, was very poignant, and the bittersweet final few frames had me weeping.If I'd seen more, I'd have marked it higher, so I'll make it my goal to see all of it.

Sara M (ca) wrote: A nice turn of tenderness for this director. Loved this to the end.

Jace L (au) wrote: With his random cutting and handheld camera, Von Trier brings an heir of realism that is unlike anything else, and with this he makes sure that the emotion of the film is felt in a very genuine way.

Diadem G (br) wrote: Dunno d name of d guy who played d wife muderer role,d guy sure is wicked...He got away wit every murder he committed,worst of all is that he killed his own wife in a cunning way and almst got away wit...He really made d female lawyer's life miserable...He almost succeded in killing her..Fortunately,he met his waterloo.

Brad S (ca) wrote: This is a classic film that helped usher in the "French New Wave". It's only my 2nd time viewing it, but I appreciated it more this time. It's hard to believe the film is over 50 years old, it feels so fresh and alive, and looks outstanding on Blu-ray. This film is a must not only for cinephiles, but I think for anyone in general, a definite MUST watch!

Liam P (mx) wrote: A somewhat autobiographical film of Miklos Jancso's experience during world war 2. The directors most prominant themes and recurring visual ideas are firmly in place from this film. The influence from Michelangelo Antonioni is strong and dispite a mostly roaming camera, the cinematography and shot compositon often rival the great directors finest work. Jancso's characters have no motivation, no evident purpose and are constantly surrounded by random acts of violence. Themes that would recur in his films to almost become an obsession. His films are often hard to get on with when he continually places barriers to divert any emotional engagement with character or story. That said, his visual prowess and astute subtle sense of atmosphere are up there with the best of art cinema.

Ashley H (au) wrote: Conrack is an amazing film. Jon Voight gave an incredible performance as Pat Conroy. The screenplay is well written. Martin Ritt did an excellent job directing this movie. I enjoyed the film because of its simplicity. Conrack is a must see.

lachlan k (fr) wrote: This is the franchise that should have been. It's not perfect, kevin spacey's gal is a waste of space, but compared to man of steel it's golden. To the critics, this is a superhero film that isn't a film glued together by one liners and cgi, it's awful isn't it?