Ocean of an Old Man

Ocean of an Old Man

After a devastating Tsunami, a school-teacher struggles with the loss of his family and students.

After a devastating Tsunami, a school-teacher struggles with the loss of his family and students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isaac H (ca) wrote: WTF. its like step ford wives but weird and not well paced. Cringe-worthy movie.

Leo L (fr) wrote: Huge disappointment, a rather sloppy script and less than stellar acting.

Private U (ca) wrote: this movie is as old as i am ehehe

Jason J (kr) wrote: Irwin Allen's movie about the mission of the Seaview to save the world and the trials and tribulations encountered by its crew is the kind of movie they don't make anymore. A movie about fun and adventure. The movie is quite epic in scope with the Seaview encountering one danger after another, including a giant squid, a giant octopus (as if the squid wasn't enough), sea mines and a black enemy submarine. The story is somewhat episodic and the special effects aren't all that special, as the Seaview is obviously a model in all of the underwater shots, especially during the octopus attack, but this never ruins the fun, and if it does, then you probably shouldn't be watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea to begin with! Watch and appreciate this movie for what it is: a fun, groundbreaking, modern sci-fi prototype.

Steve W (fr) wrote: Moonstruck won the Oscar for Best Screenplay and is considered a modern comedy masterpiece. I thought it was okay. The performances are solid, but its that final half hour that's really good. Everything else was rather bland for me.

Jeff G (kr) wrote: First time in quite a while that I shed tears at the end of a movie. Not many, but there were tears.

Lachlan D (es) wrote: Fincher's direction is always fucking mad. This film is slick, atmospheric, eventful and at times creepy like "Se7en"; I had a ball and in my opinion this film stands alone in spite of the recent release of the 2009 Swedish adaptation.