Ocean Paradise

Ocean Paradise

Explores the subject of parental love and autism in kids.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   beach,   sea,  

Explores the subject of parental love and autism in kids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay C (br) wrote: Holy fucking shit.. so i came across this movie on youtube and the review i done of trolls 2... i withdraw my comment about it being the worst movie i have ever seen.. this one has now replaced it.. this is like the film version of that jessica black friday song. I wont even comment on the negatives of this film..just type this film name in youtube and after watching 10 minutes you'll see what i mean.

Tina C (gb) wrote: Feel good fun movie easy watching. Loved watching with my girls

Melissa G (jp) wrote: I know this movie is lower budget but it was really corny. The only thing I like about it were the actors.

Private U (fr) wrote: It could have been wayyyyyyyyyy better, but the acting WAS decent and it had many points to make.

Christophe G (es) wrote: terrible ... un sujet dur ...un acteur genial ....une histoire vraie ...que demander de plus...

Cornell W (es) wrote: There were more than a few holes in this plot.

Michael S (es) wrote: It's taken me a long time to decide what to say about this film because it left me fittingly speechless. I still feel at a loss for words trying to describe why this film is one of the most important pieces of filmmaking ever created. It's something I believe everyone should see at least once in there lifetime. It's indescribable and simply needs to be experienced to be understood. I give it a five star, but the film sort of transcends my typical rating system. Just seek it out if you ever get the chance. You don't need to watch it in a single sitting, break it up, because it's a monumentally draining film.

Namul A (it) wrote: I don't understand the mentality of typical sub-continental crowd. This movie was marked flop by Box Office of India. I mean in fairness, what kind of mentality you'd have to be to dislike this awesome story ever screened in the Bollywood industry. Neverthless, I seriously don't think anyone could act better than Nana Patekar. Amazing acting from Karisma Kapoor as well.

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Leigh H (nl) wrote: What I was expecting was an over the top cabaret themed, song and dance routine with no heart, a lot of gay jokes with lavish and outrageous outfits and enough bling to make a blind man be able see the light again. I'm so glad my expectations were ruined, not completely wrong in all aspects but wrong with the things that could of turned this biography film based around the showman Liberace of the 70's portrayed brilliantly by Michael Douglas and his lover Scott, 40yrs younger than the showman in reality again brilliantly played by Matt Damon.What has been delivered by Soderbergh best known for the Ocean trilogy and Traffic is the story of Scott who meets Lee (Liberace) one night after a show and their relationship over a 5 yr period the ups, downs, the right, wrongs, the plastic surgery the outfits.There was some great laughs along the way too with some awesome scenes starring Rob Lowe who plays the Surgeon, Scott Bakula with an amazing mo and Debbie Reynolds as Lee's mother.There is also some lines that will no doubt go on forever as cult favourites nice and camp without going over the top as I'm sure Mr Robbin Williams who was meant to play Liberace originally would have done! Amazing sets, costumes, jewellery, set design and masterful decorating make this film what it is as well as some amazing storytelling told by a talented director and his even more talented cast.The final scene was magical and and brought a smile to my face, I had a feeling deep inside it's what he (Liberace) would have wanted which made it quite surreal for a moment.I absolutely loved this film although I walked out not knowing exactly who the bad guy was which I think is perfect. It's most likely going to end up on dvd soon enough if you can't make it to the big screen but what ever way you see it for me it is a must see!4 out 5 BanShee ScreamsX#behindthecandelabra

Derrick T (ag) wrote: One of my all time favorite spike lee films for it's abiltiy to depict the gritty streets of brooklyn while not gloryfying the act of being a drug dealer itself, spike manages to show both sides of the streets with the police posing just as much a danger as the people on the corner. Many critics fail to see this film as a breakthrough for cinema dealing with african- americans street life. Lee's ability to pull no punches in graphic content and Mekhi-phifer's brilliant performance as a young man caught in between the streets and his conscious to escape the enviorment. All the actors gave a pitch perfect performance which for some who only understand the ghetto life from past movies might not be able to interpert. This is a must see for Spike lee fans

Devon W (fr) wrote: A fun watch despite being a pretty bad movie.

Joel A (us) wrote: The incredibly well choreographed Hollywood musical all set in Hollywood when 2 sailors are on leave.The film itself is a little weak in story & characters but they are entertaining enough that is for the first 75% of the film...the problem is the length if the film I find it to long.I mean the dance sequence between Kelly & Tom (the animated mouse) is fantastic to watch but so many dance sequences are unnecessary and over extended. This had a lot going for it & worth a viewing if you appreciate musicals but it's no Singing in the Rain.