A scientific team in Mexico discover a pool of unusual baby "octopus-like" specimens. Gathering a few for analysis back at the lab, it is soon discovered that the critters belong to a gangly six-foot half man/half octopus-like creature, that's pretty angry and wants her 'babies' returned…

A team of researchers discovers a strange mutation or man and octopus who proceeds to terrorize them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Octaman torrent reviews

Michael V (ru) wrote: "I mean you both look like death warmed over." The acting is horrible, the plot is mind numbingly unoriginal and extremely predictable, but really the worst offense is the idea that this is a sequel to 8mm. No suspense, very very slow moving. And to top it off it's not only another of those fake sequals, it was never intended to be a fake sequal. While it was being made it was called The Velvet Side of Hell. Awesome title. But Sony came in and said nope we'll call this 8mm 2 instead. So fuck this movie. Most Awesome Moment: About ever 5 minutes there are tits. Seriously.

Nicholas L (ca) wrote: The technique of the storytelling is not for everyone but it's a refresher from all of the formulaic plots of other action films.

Bloodmarsh K (ag) wrote: Bad horror movies usually have one good quality - short run time - The director of Ghost Lake didn't get the memo. 106 minutes of pure torture.

Jack R (de) wrote: People think this movie isn't as good as the first one. Why?! Shrek 2 is a LOT funnier, a LOT more adventurous, a LOT more creative, and just a way bigger and superior film.

Edward B (fr) wrote: Another masterpiece from one of Asian cinema's best filmmakers. Beautiful, touching, and boasting memorable and real characters.

Girish K (au) wrote: One of the greatest gangster films of all time..great direction by RGV and some truly amazing performances

Kelly I (us) wrote: ????????? ?? '90s!!!Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson ta spane!!!!!

Guido A (kr) wrote: Non pensavo nemmeno di trovarlo, questo film su Flixter. E' una chicca degli anni '70, e non credo sia cosi' facile reperirlo per chi non ha avuto il piacere. Lo stile e' politico-poliziesco ma il nervo del film e' dato da un continuo sovrastarsi di valori, principi e debolezze al centro del dibattito nel panorama politico e nella vita di tutti i giorni di allora e come spesso accade anche di oggi. Queste sono tematiche a me care per cui il film e' tra i miei preferiti. Riflessioni su questo film se ne potrebbero fare a vagoni, inoltre le citazioni a kafka sono dichiarate. Buona regia, ottima sceneggiatura ed altrettanto gli attori: indimenticabile Volonte' ed una splendida Florinda Bolkan. Un capolavoro tutto italiano.

Private U (fr) wrote: von sternberg! dietrich's legs! zomg!