Clemente, a moneylender of few words, is a new hope for Sofía, his single neighbor, devoted to the October worship of Our Lord of the Miracles. They're brought together over a new-born baby...

. . They're brought together over a new-born baby. Clemente, a moneylender of few words, is a new hope for Sofía, his single neighbor, devoted to the October worship of Our Lord of the Miracles

October is the best new movie of Daniel Vega Vidal (screenplay), Diego Vega Vidal (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 2010. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, for example Bruno Odar, Gabriela Velásquez, Carlos Gassols, María Carbajal, Sheryl Sánchez, Víctor Prada, Sofía Palacios, Norma Francisca Villarreal, Humberta Trujillo. Movie' genres are Drama. The rating is 6.5 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends

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Users reviews

Ben P (gb)

" Ha priceless. Just try not make as much noise as possible the guy in the next room has to get up at 5 am. "The bridal sweet is our best room

brock h (us)

I would not recommend this movie to anyone. The movie looked decent but the less than par storyline destroyed that. He was whining or crying the entire movie which made the audience almost side with the barbaric creatures. Will Smith's attempt to put his son in the spotlight failed miserably. I'm talking possibly the worst of the year. An extremely bad movie

Caitlin L (de)

Loved the overall concept though

Carl M (au)

Rich in character, atmosphere, and mood, EXIT HUMANITY is never to be overlooked. Bill Moseley joins the cast as the disillusioned General Williams, along with Dee Wallace and Stephen McHattie in other supporting roles. This allows for a clear emotional rapport with our lead that is carried on through the end of his journey. Geddes spends his time carefully crafting his characters without feeling the need to rush either the action or gore, an encouraging trait that is shared with television's The Walking Dead. Not only is the film beautifully shot and finely dressed in its best wartime attire, but it also provides powerful performances by its leading cast members Mark Gibson and Adam Seybold. John Geddes' ambitious period piece reshapes the history of the walking dead in EXIT HUMANITY. A lone warrior is left to carve a new life in this twisted new world, but he will find even more to fear in the other surviving humans than in the walking dead. Amidst the ravages of the Civil War, a strange outbreak of living death has spread across the fields of battle, causing the dead to rise up and consume the flesh of the living

Deb S (es)

t's actually really good. i hate these kind of movies but i loved this one! watch it

Donna P (ca)

you gotta love a dysfunctional family Christmas

Janine M (gb)

twist endings get me every time. . and what the tragedy is that they go through. . I wondered for most of the movie how this won Best Picture

Jason R (de)

I am upset. I let my friend borrow this movie and he's kept it since 2004

Julian T (jp)

All in all, the interesting attempt with a frenzied climax, but its slow beginning and amaturish production keep it from being anything other than so-so. Even though he's only in it for a short period, Lance Henriksen makes any movie he's in way cooler. Despite the majority of the film being fairly boring, the last 20 minutes is a brutal gorefest that at least comes close to making the previous 45 worth it. Director Petty does a good job of covering up the awful effects by keeping his creatures backlit and almost exclusively in the shadows. Unfortunatly, the pacing betrays the film, as it is pretty boring for the first 45 minutes, and we're left watching questionable actors struggle with a questionable script, in questionable directon production. Does a good job tying into the original films and continuing the story. Pretty much 'Rear Window' meets the original 'Mimic'. A very unconventional take on the giant bug genre

Julie H (mx)

A charming and gentle story which unfolds against the beauty of Italy