October Gale

October Gale

A doctor takes in a mysterious man who washes ashore at her remote cottage with a gunshot wound. Quickly they both learn the killer has arrived to finish the job, while a storm has cut them off from the mainland.

This film revolves around a woman, because of wanting to stay away from the complex urban life, she decided to go to a deserted house located on the coast of Canada to live in isolation. Where she thought she cuold live in peace but it turned out to be more complicated when a strange wounded man relied on her. There was a group of assassins looking for this man, what shuold they do to fight for those assasins? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josef H (gb) wrote: wen es bei der Beerdigung nicht zerrei?t, der hat kein Herz...

Paul D (jp) wrote: While there are quite a lot of impressive action stunts and sequences, the overall story is just not interesting. The whole time I was watching it I really could not care about anything that was going on. Only worth watching if you really like Paul Walker. Otherwise, I'd recommend skipping it.

Matthew K (br) wrote: No idea WTF I just watched, but I was glad I watched it.

Bill M (fr) wrote: When you decide to watch a film like 'Room 205', you need to get your expectations clear. The horror genre DOES have a lot of clichs, but what differences does it make if it works? 'Room 205' is not a horror film with tons of blood and ripped off limbs, but a lurking and highly unpleasant horror flick, which gives you everything you need as a horror fan.

Arnab B (us) wrote: It's a light hearted movie that always keeps you interested in knowing what's gonna happen next. The performance, story, screenplay everything was excellent, even the songs were good. Nice way to spend two and a half hours, imho.

JJ W (de) wrote: It's exactly Cinderella in modern Chinatown. While the visuals are interesting at first, it gradually becomes more annoying than charming. In the end, the movie is a bit to dark for children but too shallowly simplistic for adults.

Pierre K (jp) wrote: You won't forget this story full of love drama and music! Nany Crosby a unforgettable character!

Kristy P (kr) wrote: Okay...better than most of the recent VanDamme movies. At least this one somewhat had a decent plot.

Tyson H (jp) wrote: Great movie, I loved it and I am now looking for a copy

CJ C (us) wrote: Ouiji boards... its just what you think it is.

James R (kr) wrote: The movies decent for a film almost 80 years old. It tells the story of the rise of the Empress Catherine II of Russia.The movie just moves at a snails pace! Not much happens and I couldn't stop noticing that everyone had English accents when they were either suppose to be German or Russian!The movie itself has a great visual style that I enjoyed. There is a very gothic look to the entire film such as disfigured gargoyle statues, skulls holding candles, gigantic doors, paintings everywhere. I would say its hauntingly beautiful.Overall, only check it out if ur a film buff!

Daniel C (fr) wrote: 'Gregory's Girl' is not without its critics. With a young cast culled from the first generation of genuinely aspirational working class families in the West of Scotland, it has incurred jealous vitriol and ridicule in equal measure. Some of the acting is indeed amateurish and awkward, but maybe that adds to the fundamental stock of truth this film possesses.Through the eyes of Bill Forsyth, the in-turns gauche and austere architecture of Scottish "New Town" Cumbernauld is filmed like it is California. Little wonder that the directors of teen-com fayre like 'Never Been Kissed' and 'Ten things I Hate about You' cited 'Gregory's Girl' as an inspiration.It is precisely in the naive reach for futurism in the environment of Cumbernauld that the naive reach for emotional and cultural exploration and awakening by Gregory and his friends becomes magical. They are comfortable but ordinary people in a place designed to be concrete and ordinary, yet Forsyth's camera sweeps the edifice and corridors of a cuboid High school as if it is a giant chocolate box, full of character, wild normality and the simply accepted surreal (the lost penguin costumed child; Chic Murray's Jovian, distracted headmaster.)The film came on the cusp of economic and industrial upheaval in Scotland, but revealed that our old gods and spirits are still looking at us, possessing us, foxing then protecting us, be they in the guise of a cloud, a kite or spinning the world upside down so that love may flourish.

Maineutral R (us) wrote: A more effective movie than the previous Superman/Batman, this one takes action and an intriguing story, even if at the end it feels more like a Superman featuring Batman film instead.

Jason V (ca) wrote: I can't tell if my problems with Michael Collins stem from the script or from a hacked up editing job. Events don't seem to flow organically from one scene to the next; rather, it feels as though a series of required scenes have been mashed together precisely because they have to be there to tell the story instead of due to the overall narrative. Because of that, the cast never really gets much traction with each other or the movie as a whole. Yes, Liam Neeson is captivating most of the time, but he could read a phone book and make it fascinating. There's no real examination of the events portrayed on the screen, none of the political machinations...it's all very Cliffs Notes-ish. Sure, it's a movie, but at least try to probe the real life events instead of simply paying them lip service.

bill s (au) wrote: Low budget winner that has a simple dread filled terror that's so effective you feel your there with them.