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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1969
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Odahuttidavaru torrent reviews

Aurlie J (ca) wrote: c'est gentillet, sans surprise, mais pas due non plus

Jonathan P (it) wrote: Pretty good movie. Odd for a Canadian movie but it's all based on a true Canadian story and acting was not half bad. 6.4/10

John B (us) wrote: When this film came out, it was a novelty to see a woman in military uniform. Now it just seems like a sad reflection of the times. Goldie is good but the rest is not.

Robert H (gb) wrote: DESPERATE LIVING, John Waters' first movie without his muse Divine, is a fitfully entertaining and really bizarre affair that's hard to sit through at times, but still kind of works by sheer force of will. The story (if one can call it that) is about a woman named Peggy (Mink Stole) who has been recently let out of a mental institution. After accidentally killing her husband, she runs away to the (fictional) town of Mortville, a slum which is ruled by a tyrannical queen, Carlotta (Edith Massey). This film serves as kind of an intermediary between his earlier "trash" and the more mainstream fare Waters began making in the 80's. The cinematic quality has yet to be cemented, and his actors shout most of their lines as if the audience was deaf, but there still is humor found in some pretty dark and off-the-wall material. Towards the end, there's even some political commentary thrown in about fascism, oppressive government and class warfare. It would seem slightly shoehorned if the movie hadn't taken place in this fictional/alternate universe, but it still gives the film a little depth. As far as acting goes, nobody really gives a "great" performance, but they still have fun with the lines they were given to say. Edith Massey was probably the most entertaining out of them all, as a sick "monarch" who gets pleasure out of making her subjects miserable, and even torments her own daughter. The camerawork and cinematography isn't too great either, but it was fairly standard for Waters' lower-budget work. The music was fine too, and there's a nice tune that bookends the film. Overall, it's not as great as the collaborations with Divine but it still stands out as one of John Waters' better films before he went more mainstream. For me, it was a little hard to sit through at times but I'm glad that I stuck it out until the end.

Lucile H (nl) wrote: Que dire? comme d'habitude Louis de Funes prouve qu'il fera toujours des partie des grands acteurs capables de se surpasser sans cesse.