Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out

A mother and her daughter confront the intimidation of teen peer pressure and the emotionally brutalizing social rituals of high school.

Vanessa, one of the most popular girl in school, sinks into despair when former friends ostracize her and make her the target of ugly rumors when she likes the same guy Stacey as a queen bee does. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leah Z (fr) wrote: aw, Toothless gets to be alpha Dragon

Jeff J (mx) wrote: Not as good as The Twilight Samurai or The Hidden Blade, but this film is a worthy successor of the two.

Dani P (gb) wrote: Catchy and filled with great performances. If you don't like blueberry pies, I'll bet you'll give them another try after watching this film.

Vaibhav W (ca) wrote: A brilliantly told story, this Japanese tearjerker deals with lost teen love through flashbacks

Lev N (nl) wrote: Shitty ass movie waste of time I don't know why the fuck I watched it. It's pointless,Pinhead is barely in it and all the acting was fucking terrible. I don't recommend this to anyone.

sloopy c (es) wrote: This movie was a little disappointing for me. I didn't like the way it played out. Yes eventually the family warmed up to her but it bothers me that they never really apologized for treating her they way they did. I give her credit for staying! It was nice to see that the family and Charlie finally became lovable in the end.

Andrew C (nl) wrote: I discovered this film 2 years ago, it is a film that I can safely say it made me feel the real value of friendship.

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Matt C (ru) wrote: "Do not fade, do not wither, do not grow old." Extraordinarily beautiful fantasy adapted from a Virginia Wolfe short story, starring Tilda Swinton as the Elizabethan courtier who stops aging and lives to the present day- changing from a man to a woman somewhere around the 18th century. Jimmy Somerville's divine voice opens and closes this film as 400+ years of sexual politics are seen from both sides of the fence. It's hard to single out one section as better than another- though the Elizabethan section quite beautifully captured the music and dance from that era that I really love- but everything in this film is beautifully filmed, acted and written.

Ibraheem M (mx) wrote: It starts with a great premise but then turns dreadful; 'Basic Instinct' is a sexy erotic thriller featuring a solid performance from Sharon Stone.

Ian R (gb) wrote: You know the plot and the ending before the movie ever starts, but a great cast and enough laughs keep you involved the whole way. I've seen worse.

Joe S (de) wrote: this is the parody of the 80s comedy airplane! I never knew this ! it's decent but it was hard for me not to laugh because most of scenes in this you think of airplane! ! look at it as a serious airplane movie Shirley!

Byron B (au) wrote: nominated for best picture at the oscars

Tim N (ca) wrote: Not as fresh as the original, but still delivers laughs.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: This movie is trying to say something very important in funny way

Tom C (es) wrote: This film should be re-titled "Unnecessary Details: The Movie". I can't recall how many times I asked myself, "What's the point of this scene? How does this further the plot?" It was only when the credits began rolling that I came to the grim realization that there was no plot. Greenberg is a sort of Jackson Polluck of story-telling, wherein random scenes are cobbled together and it is left to the befuddled audiences to grok from meaning from it all. I get that this is supposed to represent some sort of realism, but often it feels like I'm listening to a slightly crazy co-worker ramble about their tired problems for the 20th time; as if I care. I'd recommend skipping this meandering mess and go with something more entertaining.

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Juliano K (it) wrote: what a dissapoinment, terrible, way too cliche!