Odeio o Dia dos Namorados

Odeio o Dia dos Namorados

After suffering a car accident, a cold businesswoman recounts the events of her life that led to that moment with the help of the ghost of her deceased best friend and work partner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (de) wrote: Another watchable movie from Boll. given its the sequel to the surprising great Rampage. The title for this is misleading since there isn't much to do with capital punishment as it is consumerism and politics. has a Fight Club type message just not delivered in the same format. The acting was decent and held together by Fletcher and at about the halfway mark it lost me due to some poor ideas by police. not too bad but a heavily influenced political thriller than what was given to us in the first movie.

Darrin C (de) wrote: Kinda reminded me of a cheaper 28 Days Later/The Crazies. It starts out really promising, then it's as if the director gives up as the longer the movie goes, the slower it gets which ended up being boring. Flip side for gorehounds is it's filled with cruelty and senseless ultra-violence.

Steve R (au) wrote: This B&W RKO production on par with Rocky and Raging Bull.

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Bleached perspectives.

Eric V (br) wrote: The film centers around a serial killer who videotapes his victims, and the various ways he tortures them. The found footage added with worn out video tape effects through the ENTIRE film is annoying, and doesn't get me into the film. It has some good twists and unnerved me, but I'd never sit through it again.

Anthony A (nl) wrote: Not as horrifying as the first, it still was great and went into a little more (But unnecessary) detail about the Paranormal events of getting a call about your future death.

Joe A (us) wrote: Rabid bats that turn people into zombies? Yes, Please!

Andrew M (jp) wrote: White Chicks isn't that great of a movie. However, they do put some laughs in which makes the movie a little better, but still the plot is horrible. I would not suggest this movie just because of its plot.

Stella D (au) wrote: a great portrait of urban alienation and destruction of the family. with wonderful photography

Liam C (au) wrote: Terrible. Absolutely terrible. The script was throwaway. The cinematography was shaky and out of focus and generally focused on something that took up half of the screen and just left it with blackness. And the editing was unforgivably bad. The only saving grace was that James Nesbitt was really good in his role and made it believable, other then him, this film is terrible.

Michal (au) wrote: Trochu slab, ne jsem ?ekal, ale scna s ?mskm taxik?em m? pobavila. :-)

Daniel P (de) wrote: Magnum and Beth Armstrong from Jaws 3 love it!

jm s (it) wrote: Anil got award 4 this good storytelling ar rahmaan good

Daniel D (ru) wrote: Atlantic City is the story of Lou (Burt Lancaster) who has passed his prime as the top dog of Atlantic City. We soon find out he has become a wanna be, and he'll do anything to look like the tough guy he once was. The film is slow, but in this case I found that to be a plus. In the whole film there is only one extended action scene, so overall this flowed slowly. The cinematographer Ciupka reminded me of the work of Russel Metty who worked with Welles in Touch of Evil. What you can see in the background, is just as important as what the camera is centered on. Also I thought it was funny that Wallace Shawn had a small role as a waiter in this film, when the next year he'd be playing a diner in Louis Malle's next feature. The problem I had with this was a lack of emotional attachment, I appreciate what Louis Malle did in creating a colorful film, much more than I appreciate the story and characters.

Tessie T (it) wrote: Another one of my favorites when i was a kid!!

Nedia R (jp) wrote: I love this movie!!!

Jude P (nl) wrote: Too much of exaggerated war footings despite true history. That's John Woo style.