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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1965
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Odinochestvo torrent reviews

Mark O (jp) wrote: Good suspenseful thriller reminiscent of Hanecke's "Funny Games" but a bit scarier. Nice music too!

Kara H (au) wrote: Melissa Joan Heart is not acting her best. This is a little goofy. Not enough going on.

Yuriati T (kr) wrote: Simple, beautiful, yet depressing. Nice story and I like the way Ann talks to herself. Good portrayal by the actors.

Toms S (kr) wrote: Beautifully shot, with a brilliant pace of story telling and kept me interested from start to finish and still captures my attention after the 5th watching.

Hans J E (gb) wrote: Just a quick rating of a movie seen in the past.

Simon D (fr) wrote: The acting is pretty shabby in places and the script is corny and but I love this film. I must have watched it loads of times. There isn't a single sentance goes by without a totally unneccessary swear which I don't like although I can imagine that Swansea is full of people who do actually speak like that. The ending of the film gives you that feel good feeling that every film should.

Private U (ru) wrote: Mildly amusing, just see it for Jason and Jay

Little Miss Perfection (kr) wrote: i love this movie OMG it is one of my all time favs its a classic

Stuart P (es) wrote: Reminiscent of a book called "Room" which I just read, except Bubby is significantly darker and more disturbed. The conceit of a man that has not left a room for 35 years allows de Heer to ask the question of who is the more disturbed - the society outside or the man isolated for all this time?

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Love this movie from my childhood! so good

Jonathon N (mx) wrote: great table turning scene.i too have been affected by playing roles i didn't believe in. you?

Matthew R (nl) wrote: Dustin Hoffman teams up with one of the most tragic figures in modern moviemaking, Bob Fosse, to bring us a biopic of one of the greatest, most influential and most controversial stand-up comedians of our age, Lenny Bruce. First and foremost, Hoffman as Bruce was one of the greatest casting decisions of this film. He plays his part with cunning, energy, cynicism and reality, truly taking the trials and tribulations of Bruce to razor-edge effect but also including in great detail and care in appropriately displaying the extent of Bruce(TM)s darkness as a person and his many foul actions toward others in his life (friend, foe, and family). Fosse(TM)s direction is not perfect, however it is conducted with such an objective point of view in such a documentary style that it is hard to be sucked in by the realism of the film. Julian Barry(TM)s screenplay based off his own play is sharp, quick-witted and as honest as the material given. Though the screenplay shirks on much of the material needed to explain the overall controversy of Bruce(TM)s career and lifestyle, it makes up in drama and human connection of all others associated with Bruce(TM)s life and eventual tragic death. You feel with Bruce as these things happen, but at the same time find many reasons why Bruce is so hard to like (his frequent adultery, excess and harsh drug abuse that dragged many of his family down into the drain with him). A fabulous film that deserves far more recognition than it is given it in contemporary America. Along with George Carlin and Richard Pryor, who would emerge about a decade later observing the same language and hypocrisies of the American attitude and mass media in the world of censorship (large or small), Lenny Bruce is one of the most important influences of the rights of free speech and the American culture as a whole, and this film does him the justice he deserves, though it still could have pushed the envelope even more.

The Joint Is Really Jumpin in Carnegie Hall (us) wrote: love judy, gene kelly and fred astaire in it

Brandy A (ru) wrote: Sad in some parts, but I really liked the movie

Lisa M (au) wrote: Kinda sorry I stuck with this. Very slow and low energy. Quirky but not very enjoyable.

Max G (mx) wrote: An amazing film with lots of laughs, LOTS of gore and even some sad scenes in an innovative horror/action/comedy... DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS!Also followed up by the hilarious 'Hot Fuzz'. Neither of these films are to be missed.Overall a 9.75/10 or 5 stars

Aiu N (jp) wrote: Reality is scary. This is a shocker.

Philip C (es) wrote: I couldn't watch more than about 30 minutes of this stiff, Cliff's Notes version of this period of our history. The dialogue, if one can call it that, is nearly non-existent, and I found myself waiting for some insight into why O'Reilly actually bothered to write (co-write) this book, and all I could figure was it was for the money. There is nothing new, nothing in depth, conversations are one or two sentences at most, no character development, and an 80s style movie of the week feel. If the actors were any stiffer, they'd be dead. 1 star, only because I can't rate it zero stars. Don't waste your time.