Oedipus orca

Oedipus orca

Sequel to "La Orca" which follows the life of the kidnapped girl after she returns home to her boyfriend and family.

After her kidnap ordeal Alice tries to return to her normal life, but her memories still haunt her and her way to see the world has been changed forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norman L (ca) wrote: Broke my heart. A must see for those of you who should know.

Victor M (it) wrote: A smart romantic comedy, with some issues about British politics too.

Christine C (ag) wrote: i loved the way it is filmed, with a lot of importance given to sounds

Brian H (es) wrote: Although I eat carbs and dress like a car accident, I must say I liked it.Well acted.

Whit D (es) wrote: Weird and awkwardly sexual in some scenes but somehow intriguing and heartwarming. Jamie's eagerness to jump into relationships (and bed) followed by her heartaches and insecurities are issues that so many young women relate to, whether through issues of their own or those of others around them.

WA B (ca) wrote: Poorly made could have been a better film with a better direction and some better actors Robert Englund did a very good job though the only good acting was done by him in this B movie film I cant believe FOX made it and the sequal as well Acting C- Horror C+ Story C-

Adam R (it) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Cha t (ag) wrote: S\Srgio Leone finally moved up from second unit director for this old spagetti-hero movie.

Sean D (de) wrote: Mark of the Vampire is a remake of a silent film that arrived 10 years prior that is considered a lost film during an MGM fire in 1965. Since we have a remake, we can now understand the storyline better but only under a few circumstances. The characters have been changed along with the setting and modifications to the plot. Now explained, it's not so much a vampire flick as it is just a crime drama. This is one of Hollywood's early looks at what vampires are like. Back then, they turned into bats went to sleep in some crypt and coffin at night and barely ever drank blood, spoke English but almost never even spoke in general, were really silent and hypnotized people by stating at them. Mostly male vampires like Dracula himself and beautiful white women. The plot is easier to follow in general but has a little more umph to it. It's only about ten minutes longer.

Sydney V (br) wrote: I loved this documentary. It shows how much music really amazing and important it is. How it can even bring Alzheimer's and dementia patients memories back and make them feel alive again.

Filipe C (gb) wrote: A very solid screenplay thriving on well grounded themes and a strong cast makes Beautiful Girls an interesting and rewarding viewing.

Will L (nl) wrote: 'Planet Terror' is Robert Rodriguez's blood-soaked, cringe-inducing contribution to the 'Grindhouse' experience, and it's a total blast from start to finish. Featuring many nods to the work of John Carpenter, Jack Hill, and the like, it also displays a clear style that Rodriguez has developed by taking various cues from those to whom he pays tribute.