De film gaat over een Vlaamse boer, Kamiel Spiessens, die er alles aan doet om zijn grond te verdedigen tegen een Nederlandse zakenman. Die man wil op de grond een pretpark neerzetten.

De film gaat over een Vlaamse boer, Kamiel Spiessens, die er alles aan doet om zijn grond te verdedigen tegen een Nederlandse zakenman. Die man wil op de grond een pretpark neerzetten. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venetia D (ag) wrote: An entertaining sequel with a focus on poll compaigns and corrupt politicians. Sweet moments and albeit draggy at times.

Kristin R (fr) wrote: I hate to disagree with all the amazing reviews below, but for me, this was a complete and utter yawn fest. I do not like these kind of movies, which are more of a study of the human condition than entertainment. If I want to know how messed up peoples lives are, I would just look at my own. Life is depressing enough without having to be depressed by a movie.

William F (es) wrote: An unfunny Wallace and Gromit.

Vasco M (es) wrote: It's more Riddick madness, this one providing some more insight and lore of this particular universe and its characters; some exquisite sci-fi eye candy; and some all around badassery.

Cole W (fr) wrote: Criticized for the last hour and fifteen minutes for being tension-free compared to the first fifteen minutes, I feel the tension balances out with the rest of the movie and is one of my favorite horror movies of all-time with the most terrifying vehicle ever put on screen.

Chris W (it) wrote: Classic !!!! Love it

EvaLena I (kr) wrote: A woman finds a loveletter and she thinks that the young man working in her bookstore have sent it to her. They starts a relationship and one day he finds the letter in her house thinking she have wrote it to him. The loveletter really complicates the life for the people around the small town were the bookstory is. But all works out well at the end. Good story I think :)

Emmanuel F (jp) wrote: Great movie based on Thomas Hardy's novel. Utterly dramatic but sometimes full of hope, this story is definitely sad. Actors are perfect. Kate Winslet is stunning in her role and Eccleston is moving. A movie not to be seen when we are in low spirits.

gokul d (au) wrote: moves smoothly without any great twists and turns.Good acting from everybody and of course well directed.

Hunter B (it) wrote: While not the most widely know Vietnam era war movie, Hamburger Hill shows you the brutality of the Vietnam war and especially the battle for Hill 937.

Greg S (gb) wrote: Two restauranteur brothers must assemble a vessel to receive the spirit of the ancient Egyptian goddess Sheetar from various parts harvested from immoral women, and the rest just sort of writes itself. With a talking brain in a jar and a nude aerobics massacre, it can't be all bad, but it tries hard by adding excedingly lame humor and gratuitous Nazi imagery to the mix.

Ruth J (jp) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid. The sister babysitting her little brother and the goblins take him to the labyrinth. She goes on a journey, meeting all sorts of character and the songs by David Bowie are unreal. I love when she meets him and he sings. It's just a brilliant film for peopleOf all ages.

Timothy T (kr) wrote: I remember going to the Pantages. it was a hell of a show.

Tommaso C (mx) wrote: Rivisto a distanza di (probabilmente) una decina d'anni, a conclusione di un periodo abbastanza di fissa coi cannibal movies.Non avevo capito davvero una madonna, ma non me ne faccio troppo una colpa, gh, ero un giovincello.Secondo me la storia degli animali morti ammazzati offusca il giudizio di un sacco di gente. O pi che offuscare, diciamo che ne preclude la possibilit di apprezzarlo.Oggi, a livello di trama, non mi sono sembrate scene gratuite o ingiustificate. Poi ok, possiamo fermarci tutto il tempo che volete a discutere sull'eticit della cosa, ma almeno con la seconda visione hanno acquistato coerenza, diciamo.Quando mi leggo parlare di mancanza di trama e di narrazione episodica mi vien da ridere, come se avessi considerato "filler" ogni scena senza atti di violenza, insomma non avevo PALESEMENTE capito un cazzo. La trama c' e possibilmente pure una bella spanna sopra alla media del genere (e anzi, ha il grosso merito di anticipare di una ventina d'anni la moda del mockumentary e del found footage), ma quel che prepotentissimo e che al primo giro avevo completamente ignorato la denuncia sociale di cui impregnata la pellicola, lol. Alle scene metropolitane mancavano giusto i sottotitoloni, per rendere pi chiara la cosa, gh.Le musiche son veri capolavori, sia in assoluto sia per l'accostamento con le scene brutali. E anche questo aspetto passato inosservato alla prima visione.Insomma, clap clap!

Anna Q (kr) wrote: Thanks Patton Oswalt!

Stan L (fr) wrote: Love the gory details