Of Love and Eggs

Of Love and Eggs

Set in and around a mosque in sprawling Jakarta, Indonesia, during the Muslim holiday of Lebaran, the interwoven stories of family, faith and romantic love in this humorous yet poignant film are revealed through the eyes of kids.

Set in and around a mosque in sprawling Jakarta, Indonesia, during the Muslim holiday of Lebaran, the interwoven stories of family, faith and romantic love in this humorous yet poignant film are revealed through the eyes of kids . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (fr) wrote: A solid horror film, Cassadaga features some twists even thought it never quite develops into the great horror film it might have. It features some truly twisted and original scenes that you even the most jaded horror fan will remember.

King L (au) wrote: Poignant story about a woman who gave up her child for adoption at a young age. Mother and daughter lead separate lives. The mother upon discovering her daughter's death she reconnects with her granddaughter later in her life.

Devyn R (au) wrote: This could have been better. And while I love myself a romantic comedy, I can't help but think that this has been done so many times that it's exhausting. Best friend is in love with the girl, but doesn't realize it until after she's moved on and has given up on him, so best friend has to win her heart back. Patrick Dempsey is lovely, don't get me wrong. Although I wasn't a fan of the character that slept around and such, I still was charmed by him.

George P (ru) wrote: A nicely structured film that holds the viewer fixed on the screen till the end. Great interpretation by Ewan McGregor and even better by Tilda Swinton. Only disadvantage is that makes the viewer feel sorry for the characters instead of partaking their pain.

Leigh C (es) wrote: Grey Owl is my hero, my mentor, my inspiration. The movie is way over romanticized, and many facts are overlooked, left out all together, or replaced by fiction, but it's still a well crafted movie, (and filmed in the Gatineau Hills!)

David L (fr) wrote: This tale has been around for ages and although I've seen snippets of it before, I've never actually sat and watched the whole thing through in one sitting. Now I have it makes a little more sense. We're put straight into the action with a plane having already crashed, and we pick up the aftermath of several young boys attempting to get to safety on a nearby island. At this stage, there are no casualties, just an injured pilot, as the survivors look around their new temporary home until help arrives. As the days pass, hunger mounts, and tension flares, the young lads begin to divide with two leaders forming; one being mr sensible and one being mr practical, the latter winning control over most of the other followers. However, as night falls and panic sets in, fateful events begin to occur which consolidate the divide between the two tribes, until there is just one single boy left on one side, fighting for his life not only on the island, but from his former friends. It was like a hardcore Boy Scouts movie with a mixture of mature but adolescent children attempting to get by without parents, some more able to adapt than others. I was confused as to what they all represented, as in were they a football team, Boy Scouts, school trip etc as I didn't think that was clear. I also wondered what happened to the 2nd pilot, because unless I was mistaken, there was one ill one, and one that briefly appeared before assuming he swam off - was he the reason the rescue team were called? It wasn't gory in nature, but there were some strong references to violence, particularly because death scenes are always more powerful when involving kids, and can be that tad more emotional. I enjoyed finally watching this but you only really get familiar with a handful of the characters as all the others are just plebs that switch sides at some point during the story. On that basis it's not really a thoroughly action packed plot, but just an intriguing one that places a large emphasis on the conclusion. This wouldn't make me want to get my head into the book, or watch the black and white original, but it's a relatively classic production that is now ticked off my list of 'Want to See'

Tom W (au) wrote: The movie isnt great but its not terrible either. I loved it when i was little...but ive grown up lol

Simon T (au) wrote: Watchable but rather pedestrian film which is hardly the best from Fritz Lang

Cristhel C (nl) wrote: funny, creepy, loving.

Vignesh V (es) wrote: best thriller till date.. completely unpredictable

Chris B (es) wrote: An entertaining heist movie with some good plot twists. Denzel Washington carries this film from start to finish with a good supporting cast as well. Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, William Dafoe, Christopher Plummer, and Chiwetel Ejiofor are all good as well. This is a good addition to the bank robbing genre. Good job Spike Lee.

Brad W (us) wrote: I can't believe they gave these guys a movie. It's hilarious and slap skit comedy from New Girl. Sit down and watch some stupid comedy, you'll enjoy it.

Brian B (fr) wrote: I was hesitant to watch this but I'm thankful I did. This was a pretty good movie. Ethan Hawk did some good acting.