Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Two drifters, one a gentle but slow giant, try to make money working the fields during the Depression so they can fulfill their dreams.

Itinerant worker George reflects on the time he spent traveling with Lennie, a huge childlike man when the duo tries to make money working the fields during the Depression so they can fulfill their dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (ag) wrote: Friday, July 4, 2014 (2014) Enemies Closer ACTION I can tolerate bad acting in an action movie if the action sequences stand out, but if everything here is bad than it's hardly even worth mentioning. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays, yet again, another bad guy role, as Xander heading a team of drug smugglers attempting to locate a plane that had just crashed into a nearby lake/ocean carrying shipments of heroin. And it's up to former Navy SEALs, Henry(Tom Everett Scott) who's now a park ranger of some island to make sure he doesn't get to it. Besides confronting Xander and his drug smugglers, he also has to deal with a very bitter brother, Clay(Orlando Jones) of a deceased who was killed while serving under Henry. It's dumb and lousy that looked like it was made for the mimalist amount of money. 1 star out of 4

Aaron B (ru) wrote: A feel good dramedy paced by an unexpectedly strong performance by the lead. Solid story line and good pacing, but the character development from beginning to end combined with the on screen chemistry of the rag tag gang almost takes it to top notch category.

Lee M (jp) wrote: Not bad for a film being offered for free ...

Borhan K (br) wrote: Death Race 2 I feel is like the Pre-equal of the first Death Race with Jason. This guy does a bank job for a gangster boss and gets caugh and goes to the death race prison and then basically takes on the gangsters in there to find his freedom but wait he even find love in there as the drivers navigators are women prisoners and well things come arising.I feel Part 2 & Part 3 have a better story line and the first Death Race is a movie on its own credit.Not suitable for the young kiddies I would say 15 and above.If you watch part 2 you have to watch part 3 as it gives the movie series a proper ending.

Niklas S (mx) wrote: Rossif is a true Sutherland, relaxed, cool and comfortable on the screen. I liked this movie and its potential but a lot of the cast brought it down. Both Sutherlands was amazing the rest was crap to be blunt.

Top C (gb) wrote: I think it was very funny..

Catherine B (fr) wrote: Patrick played a terrible role in this film. I felt like he was stalking Nicole de Boer. Story line was good, just didn't like Patrick's character or how he was portrayed. He was kind of creepy.

Paolo G (it) wrote: Faceless bureaucrats shuffle paperwork posing innumerable hanko stamps that mark the moment a life will be terminated. The life is that of illustrator Shinichi Kaneda. We don't and we won't know what crime he committed, and it does not matter. The eye of the camera compares him to a little ant crawling on the tatami, whose life is casually snatched away by a well-meaning hotel maid.From a novel by Akira Yoshimura, "Vacation" will surprise anyone familiar with American prison dramas (or perhaps with the prison system itself) to the point of looking almost alien. Toru Hirai, is one of the prison guards, imprisoned by his job, who volunteers unsavory duty of assisting in the death of a man in exchange a one week vacation for his honeymoon, and above all to connect to an adoptive son that rejects him as his new father. We are with Kaneda even when he is not present. Time ticks towards his execution, and the film moves nervously back and forth in time leaving pauses and silences that make the confrontation with what is happening on the screen inevitable. Kaneda cries and drinks his last glass of water. Toru , the prison guard, looks on as powerless and resigned as the spectator. The result is a poetic, but tale of redemption, and an outstanding movie about the death penalty with surprisingly little melodrama.

Nanping Y (mx) wrote: it is like a mirror reflecting on something really deep into the heart.

Jim H (au) wrote: A young Arab-American girl lives with her insensitive, racist father and grows to sexual awakening after she's raped by a neighbor.This is the feel-good movie of the year if your idea of a great date movie is Bastard out of Carolina. At every plot turn, director and co-writer Alan Ball's film gets more and more disturbing. It packs in themes of sexual abuse and growing sexual maturity with themes of racism and parenthood. And while Toni Collette's character is supposed to be the liberal moral center of the film, most of the characters are so remarkably distasteful that no matter how hard Ball tries to make us see them as real, flawed people, the film comes off as disturbing for disturbing's sake. I suppose the film tries to present the American Dream as a flawed notion tainted by racism, leaving children as its most vulnerable victims, but instead the film merely amounts to a collection of atrocities.The performances are all good. I haven't seen Aaron Eckhart play not-Aaron-Eckhart until this film, and Summer Bishil gives a wise-beyond-her-years portrayal of Jasira, the victim of the film's worst events.Overall, this is a great film if you want to hate everything for a while.

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First viewing - Childhood)

Helena M (mx) wrote: An avarage movie, both Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynalds were OK.

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Morgan K (fr) wrote: Very cool story, however the movie tends to drag as if it was shot in real time.

Lady D (au) wrote: Not the fastest moving of films, but based on a true story, it's an intriguing watch. Attenborough was very good in this sinister role and for the time of it's release, it managed to show enough of the story to give a gruelling account of the case.