Of Silence

Of Silence

An ailing former scuba diver, who faces extremely tough times, begins experiencing otherworldly incidents.

An ailing former scuba diver, who faces extremely tough times, begins experiencing otherworldly incidents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt M (ru) wrote: Great look inside the business of creating music and an awesome peek behind the scenes of an amazing band.

Luca B (br) wrote: Se non fosse per Banderas poteva anche essere un bel film

Marcus W (it) wrote: It doesn't get loud, but it does get interesting. Shame they couldn't get Clapton too.

Michael T (ru) wrote: The wonders of a Jeunet film never cease to amaze, but the plot of this one is a little slim.

Alex K (au) wrote: African-American Film Director Spike Lee Is My Ninth Favorite Film Director Of All Time.

Christopher Matthew D (ca) wrote: So they nailed the the cliche LGBT stuff. Story starts off really good, but then just becomes a wanna be hetro love story. Stick to the dirt, real people can handle it.

Mya C (kr) wrote: I love this movie it's funny as shit

MF J (nl) wrote: It's more of an exercice of style than an actual film but it's interesting if you are looking at films that do not play the usual straight forward storyline. The soundtrack is excellent.

Greg W (us) wrote: hey hey hey skip this and see the cartoon!

Samuel H (jp) wrote: If you ignore the fact that the script is garbage and the movie is nothing more than a collection of large explosions Armageddon is a pretty amazing film.

Michael E (es) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first mainly because 1. no robin williams 2. NO TONE LOC

Bryony R (au) wrote: I really liked it- makes such a nice change from Hollywood blockbusters and over-arty European films. Kind of rough round the edges but all the better for it- yeah, I like it. (And Nicolai too!)

Daniel K (au) wrote: Again, not exactly a pro-war action film from Ford. It??s also not a war story I??ve seen before. The film is essentially about the relationship between these two men and their shared love of a woman and I dare say each other in their own disturbed way. Ford mixes comedy and tragedy fairly deftly. It is a very strange war movie in that there is really no hero, other than the dead. Neither Cagney nor Dan Dailey are entirely admirable men by Hollywood standards, but Ford has his own standard which is far more true and realistic. He shows the men as men, instead of screen icons. I??m willing to bet most, if not all, Marines and soldiers (Airmen and Sailors too) would understand the message here even today. They would have no trouble recognizing these men.

Zahid C (de) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 11 May 2001Amt: 50 RsTime: 9.30pmOver at: 12.25pmWith: Mom, Dad, Azeem, Mobez, Hussain, Abbas Uncle, Ruksana AuntyTheatre: Metro, MumbaiSeat No: W11 - W18Name: ALBELALight Hearted Comedy

Matt D (us) wrote: Well this was fucking bleak.Well shot, but damn, its a kick in the teeth without much meat on its bones to make the unhappy ending worth the journey.

Sebastian P (nl) wrote: Una gran pelcula entretenida desde el inicio hasta el fin con buena narrativa, buenos dilogos, buena banda sonora y con personajes carismticos. Con esta y su anterior pelcula Quentin Tarantino se volvi en unos de mis directores favoritos. Totalmente recomendada.