Of Unknown Origin

Of Unknown Origin

Bart Hughes has a pretty good life, a beautiful wife, a young son, a good job with promotion prospects, and a renovated brownstone in New York. When wife and kid leave for a vacation, Bart stays behind to work on a project that will earn him that promotion, unaware that a certain inhabitant of his basement has other plans for his time. Bart goes a bit bonkers trying to kill this rat, destroying most of his house in the process. Certain allegorical elements tie the household conflict to the "rat race" in his office, but the main event is certainly the night-and-day contest of wills between man and rodent.

A man who recently completed rebuilding a townhouse becomes obsessed with a rat infestation until it becomes an interspecies duel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hollie C (nl) wrote: Amazing movie. Excellent

Calvin L (nl) wrote: Great cinematography as usual, but miserably hollow

Ashley T (ag) wrote: Script: bad. Actors: trying way too hard to make it better. Sadly, the two don't add up.

David L (gb) wrote: Shakespeare in Love is both good and bad as a romantic comedy, bad because the romance at the center of it is weak and forgettable, but excellent because the humor is incredibly good with a couple of hilarious lines and an all around fun tone to it. The acting is not fantastic, but Judi Dench is awesome here and the characters, while the lead ones are so-so, the rest are very well developed and portrayed. It is also a technically polished film with superb costumes and beautiful scenery. It is a very entertaining and charming film which is above all an original and highly unique mix of familiar ideas.

Sinuh R (us) wrote: Vera esta pelcula 10 veces

michelle (es) wrote: this movie is awesome ...there is a great seen wear this guy gets torn apart it is classic

Shaun B (fr) wrote: top 5 stand up of all time

Cook B (ca) wrote: my first indian movie . Old is Gold ... and treasure is in zeenat's eyes ^^

Rob F (ag) wrote: This film would never get made today. So so so beyond the comprehension of the political correctness crowd... they'd NEVER get it. An "anti-feminism" film where the final statement is that NOTHING IS BETTER than a woman's love. Can you dig it? Also... this film also belongs in the category of "Films About Cartoonists" (a pet sub-genre of mine... Lemmon's character draws a successful newspaper strip).

Krista G (ca) wrote: Charming little movie, though its merits rest mainly on Naish's and Lorre's performances. Naish shows himself gifted in the comedy department; Lorre's as intense as ever. The movie's not much more than 'charming' though

Fong K (ag) wrote: Bad ending. Bad message. Bad movie. Too bad that I can forgive all the crass jokes and stereotypes but not a bad story.

Sandy K (ru) wrote: A powerful story of WWI seen through the eyes of Vera, a young woman determined to pursue academics and a writing career despite her father's lack of support, only to have the war and all it accompanying losses derail her plans. The film's transition from the glowing colors and images of her fairly idyllic pre-war life to the deadening browns and grays of the muddy world of the front perfectly captured the bleakness of war. And the actress playing Vera, Alicia Vikander, is mesmerizing, Based on Vera Brittain's memoir of the same title, it is an unforgettable reminder of the agony of war in general and this war in particular.