1. Primeras imágenes de una joven en una sala de operaciones. Samantha Williams (Pepa Slas) habla en un cuaderno de su visita al dentista...

1. Primeras imágenes de una joven en una sala de operaciones. Samantha Williams (Pepa Slas) habla en un cuaderno de su visita al dentista... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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danny d (de) wrote: this is one of the biggest, steamiest, smelliest piles of crap ever put on film. what a horrible flick.

Kerri L (fr) wrote: Good cartoon. I like black panther.

mARiA K (jp) wrote: kareena kapoor cheated

Jim R (us) wrote: If you're not easily offended, this is a hysterical and informative look at the emergence of the porn industry and its clash with nixon's moral crusade.

Mark T (br) wrote: it's a shame such a great story has been told in such a poor way. the direction is bad, the writing is bad and any sense of tension is completely lost. just disappointing

Mandy V (es) wrote: this was a pretty good movie.

Paolino B (ag) wrote: A movie where you laugh, and cry, and all this without be pathetic.but it shows an "End" as only a movie can give

Cole W (fr) wrote: An absurd plot, but it actually works pretty well. This is definitely the funniest in the original Star Trek franchise.

Ken M (ca) wrote: A Classic with a car that should have never gone out of style.

Hollywood H (fr) wrote: Found it pretty funny

don b (kr) wrote: it is a good movie but the comics are better

Alexander P (us) wrote: A beguiling rom-com with the best written Italian-American family since The Godfather. 8/10.

Chris S (it) wrote: What is there to say about this movie? Not really alot, I knew it was going to be bad, but I remembered it from my childhood. So I have to see it again, no matter how bad it might be. The Good: Well it was made by Full Moon, they've done some decent strait to video releases. Well I thought they did, I watched those movies when I was young and dumb. Now I'm older and slightly less dumb, so looking back on those movies has really made me lose the respect I once had. The Bad: Actually everthing, there is not one thing I liked alot. The story just feels pieced together, you know where its going to go. This seems like it was wrote for a fifth grade class project. The style is interesting, but falls flat with all the terrible acting. The Ugly: The make-up. Well its not bad, but Red Eye's make-up is pretty ugly, its one of the things I liked. The claymation was pretty nice also. I'm not sure what to say, but don't watch this movie, unless you really want to know how bad it is.

David L (kr) wrote: How the West Was Won has pretty imagery and great ending, but it is in the end an overblown spectacle which does not hold attention at all and the story does not have a purpose. It is, as with many generational films of this type, too long and very boring. An overrated movie.