Off Key

Off Key

A trio of opera singers are reunited by a wedding ten years after their stormy breakup.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wedding,   female nudity,  

A trio of opera singers are reunited by a wedding ten years after their stormy breakup. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Off Key torrent reviews

Mario S (kr) wrote: if you want a real life captain america, this is the movie you are looking for.

Bee C (es) wrote: Look at it like its your first time eating sushi. You either love it, hate it or just confuse over whatever the f**k it was. I enjoyed this movie actually, its kinda like being in a surreal dream.

Aleksei E (fr) wrote: Dogme rules suit this little harmless movie perfectly. Some lone characters, everyone with his own story, get mixed when they start taking italian lessons. Simple, but has its charm.

Jonathan G (gb) wrote: Following 'Interview With A Vampire' with this monstrosity is a shame. Poor acting (all around), poor visual effects, poor plot, etc. etc. It's hard to believe there was a worse movie than the Twilight saga. This is it. Sad that Aaliyah died with this as her final artist work. Rating 3.5 / 10

Ilsa L (es) wrote: Visually stunning adaptation of Carey's novel with wonderful performances from a great cast. However, the storyline meanders along making it difficult to sustain empathy for Oscar and Lucinda.

Trevor M (mx) wrote: Combine Charlie Wilson's War with Argo and add an unhealthy dose of cynicism and paranoid conspiracy theories and this is the movie you end up with. While it offers a uniquely contemplative view on the worlds of the media, Hollywood, and politics, the lack of moral integrity of the entire premise is a weighty hindrance. At the end of this movie you will be suspicious of just about everybody, which is both good and bad.- Details Breakdown -The Good: The complexity and constant problem solving in this film is on par with an excellent heist movie, because essentially that is what this movie is: a political heist story. A group of people from Washington D.C and Hollywood have the task of making the public believe in a war that is not actually happening in order to distract them long enough and keep the current President in for another term. The lengths to which this group goes to is extremely impressive and ingenious at times. The banter back and forth is very well crafted and best of all, it does not get too confusing usually. Many a political film has the major pitfall of over-complicating the politics of the story world and thus confusing the audience. The story moves fast, but not fast enough to lose people along the way. The acting is great and believable, even if certain characters are a bit stereotypical at times. This film is very uncomfortable to watch since it gives a harsh view on politics, the media, Hollywood, and even the American people. These views make the viewer contemplative on the true motives of those who shape their view of the world, which is not something that is done enough. This is a very cynical movie and portrays the corrupt nature of man and the resolve to remain unchanging in corruption. Wag the Dog very clearly brings multiple groups down from off of their golden pedestals in order to make the public evaluate who they put their trust in. There is also a great element that stems from the movie's title that answers the question of what happens when the tail tries to wag the dog instead of the other way around.The Bad: A bit of a nutcase conspiracy movie in its premise and at times it seems like the writers party regularly with those people who believe the moon landing was a hoax. The movie is a bit offensive at times because it portrays the American people as complete sheep to be herded however those in power please. The moral integrity of the whole movie is extremely questionable and there is no sense of satisfaction when the group pulls off the final act since it is hard to cheer for someone who just succeeded in rigging and election and causing everyone to believe in a fake war. I suppose the whole point of the movie was to make the audience feel uncomfortable, but it does feel a bit heavy at the end when one of the characters is assassinated by the government for trying to tell the public. The movie can be a bit cheesy at times and really shows its 90's time stamp in certain areas that are almost laughable. In general after watching a movie about my country I want to feel one of three things: feel better about the world, feel the need to contemplate my own life, or feel the need to fix something that is wrong in the world. This film did not offer any of those feelings and gave a feeling that everything was hopelessly broken and people will always be monsters.

mike h (mx) wrote: great fucking movie, so underrated

Taylor N (ru) wrote: Pretty odd Woody Allen movie, although it does have classic moments that shine.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Interesting love triangle on a safari intrigue. Gable plays Gable with Ava Gardner as the tomboy and Grace Kelly as the girly one.

Tyler H (fr) wrote: This movie is a classic animated feature. If this movie could be re create by the DCEU it would be a classic and would redefine the DCEU streak. Currently DC has not been on a good run and they should look back on this film and readjust their films.

Tim R (es) wrote: Widely regarded by many accounts I hear to be the best Mel Brooks movie, I found it to be by far the worst. A really over the top(even for Brooks) forced together piece of mush. Its racist vibe definitely does not stand the test of time. Men in Tights remains the pinnacle of Brooks.