Off on a Comet

Off on a Comet


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:50 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Off on a Comet torrent reviews

Matt G (us) wrote: While I enjoy the way the characters handle the annual Purge with a decent amount of nonchalance and reverent fear, I don't think the film gives enough reasoning for this national event. It is, however, morally fascinating, especially the decisions the central family has to make. A fairly ingenious premise that effectively plays on the disparity between America's rich and poor, letdown by becoming a second-rate home invasion flick.

Shira A (ca) wrote: Its gud to see that new age directors are trying new things in Indian Cinema and are trying to provide some clean (although I should be too liberal to declare RR to be a clean movie for kids.. ..anyway..) entertainment for kids and family in the enivironment of western influenced movies ...It would have been a good movie if director could have thought of some other nicely crafted storyline .. dialogues and story is too poor ...

Viktor N (au) wrote: Oh well.. it produces some smiles but really not so much more.. really bad fighting coreography.

Sno W (jp) wrote: The first and still best of the live-action versions of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, Hogfather is a great alternative Christmas tale, visually stunning and well cast. Director Vadim Jean did well by Pratchett and his fans. Michelle Dockery in only her second major role nails her character, David Jason is quite funny (albeit unusually subtle) as Death's assistant, and Death himself? Ian Richardson is simply brilliant. The only misstep is Marc Warren's Teatime, a jarring presence with his annoying whine and failed attempts at penetrating stares.

Carlos M (us) wrote: A compelling look at the lives of normal people on a moving train: while the first story is the weak link and the second lacks a more satisfying conclusion, the movie hits the mark with the last one and proves to be a delightful omnibus film made by three great directors.

Robbie N (gb) wrote: It is interesting enough, but often seems to ramble on before getting to main events, and the storyline is confusing enough. I, robot is a film that is a good "last resort" watch, but it often tries to hard to become a mystery film, thus failing miserably. Despite this, it has it's thrills and makes you wonder.

Paul N (es) wrote: One of those little underrated gems. Some really cool moments and quite a sweet film.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: Modest success, with Chuck teaming up with Jonathan Brandis for a fantasy-comedy-Karate Kid ripoff.

Gaurav C (mx) wrote: his driest...he disposes all his satire..and gives in to his idea of reality...

Mikey R (gb) wrote: I could not even get through the entire thing, I honestly cannot recommend this to anyone. If you want want a good werewolf movie go watch An American Werewolf In London or The Howling.

Peter F (us) wrote: Enjoyable period thriller, with a necessary sense of humor and revolution.

Jarrod G (it) wrote: There were many twist an turns in this movie. Although many of the turns were not relevant to the plot, as some would say, they did add a sense of excitement and intrigue. This is the only movie I have eve watched where I rewind the movie to watch the ending again. I thought it was a very good movie for people who are able just to follow along with out knowing everything.

danny d (br) wrote: as most people have never even heard of this movie, i think people would be greatly surprised by the superb cast including mickey rourke, adrien brody, and tupac shakur. the film has a tendancy to be a bit formulaic in spots, but entertaining and worthwhile non the less.

Trouble B (nl) wrote: I don't understand. It's trying to be funny, right? Just no.