Twelve year old Don is a new student on a 'black' school in Holland. As a white rich kid, he's got a lot of problems getting accepted by his class. With his great talent in football, he ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:bully,   school,   soccer,  

Twelve year old Don is a new student on a 'black' school in Holland. As a white rich kid, he's got a lot of problems getting accepted by his class. With his great talent in football, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guilherme J (it) wrote: Rocky 4 verso ballet.

Beth W (mx) wrote: Read the book and loved every minute ! Rather disappointed with the film . It started hopeful with a few changes but at the end I gave up as it veered far off the story . The effects and film visually is fabulous but the rest is less so if you've read Riggs book

Allen Z (fr) wrote: Everyone loves teen movies where hot chicks run around mostly naked, but come on, this is just stupid.

Clair O (fr) wrote: British films are always great. We don't need millions of dollars of special effects. Fantastic.

Paul S (br) wrote: Not too bad, creepy feeling to the whole thing. Kinda predicted the ending but decent acting and some cheap scares.

MF J (us) wrote: A film that has no real purpose or goal but still manages to display an interesting group of characters. It's nothing really tremendous but you'll have a pleasant time i guess if you enjoy that sort of film where nothing happen or change from start to finish.

Chloe C (fr) wrote: this is a classic case of what a great actor & actress can make of a decent script w/o hollywood's excessive budget... love Binoche & Reno :D

Lauren G (nl) wrote: i hate that theres not a soundtrack :(

Muhammed S (kr) wrote: A late night watch indeed, but lacking some but having most! A must for John Carpenter fans and horror buffs!

Reece L (fr) wrote: True to the rest of Jarman's work, Wittgenstein opts for an ultra-minimal, soundstage-based production and is filled with his signature period idiosyncrasies. There are times when it feels as if he's emulating the style of a children's program, which is appropriate given the fact that this is much more ridiculous, lighthearted, and funnier than his usually austere looks into the lives of gay historical figures and social outcasts. Thankfully, this also gives him an opportunity to play dress-up with Tilda Swinton, these visual and narrative points of lightness supplementing the philosophical musings of its subject. The fact that he chose to document Wittgenstein's life specifically is admirable as his work is known to be generally impenetrable, but he approaches his ideas through some clever physical representations of the abstract concepts that work pretty well, and though it all amounts to minor Jarman, it's still absolutely enjoyable for fans of his work.

Rebecca R (nl) wrote: Weird at times but nice.

bill s (us) wrote: Has it's moments and they're only because of Downey jr.

Noname (es) wrote: A pretty good drama thriller movie. It has the lovely Kate Beckinsale in the main role so i had to see it. Matt Dillon , David Schwimmer can be seeing aswell in decent roles. Story follows a journalist with "the" top story involving a political scandal but she refuse to reveal her source.. i liked the story and the performances were on top also. The ending had a great finale aswell. This movie is worth a closer look in my opinion.

Michael K (fr) wrote: AWESOME film, I loved it great story of Brown an his exciting and sometimes tumultous career.