Off the Chain

Off the Chain

One angry housewife is determined to find a cure for her terminally lazy spouse...even if it kills him!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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One angry housewife is determined to find a cure for her terminally lazy spouse...even if it kills him! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob G (mx) wrote: Have to admit, none of the blurbs I've read about this movie feel at all accurate.Despite a smattering of gore, some creepy steampunk-inspired characters, and an avalanche of "dark themes", Necromentia is pretty tame. That I still ended up liking Necromentia is a testament to the strength of the idea.Three characters enter hell at different times. But unlike most horror movies where entering hell would be the beginning, here it is the end point. Necromentia is about the characters and their journey to that point, and in the process, it treks back in time to show the tasty little cycle that brought us to the end point.The visual aesthetic is surprisingly interesting for being obviously low budget. Not every scene, mind you, but most of them do more with the aesthetics than you'd expect from the obviously low budget sheen. The director seems to know which scenes were the money scenes, and made them look especially nice.The movie is held back by bland dialogue, which gets awkwardly punctuated by terrible delivery by the actors involved. (Necromentia is not a movie for people who can't look past terrible acting.)They also try to cram way too many concepts into the movie, making it feel more scattered than it should. It was like the scriptwriter had an overflow of concepts, decided to write each of them into the screenplay, with minimal attention devoted to each. The movie would have been better served if just a few had been cherry-picked and fleshed out better.

Lindsay B (it) wrote: Sooo much better than the first one. I wasn't bored at all during this one.

Ryan C (gb) wrote: a funny, witty, sort of wird movie

Cynthia S (ag) wrote: It was a very interesting look at life in Iran. Little more can be said for it. The premise was rather obsurd. After hating the person who took his job, he finds out it is a woman and suddenly gives up everything for her. All this without ever saying anything to her. She of course, has no interest. The acting wasn't particularly good. The pace was okay, but nothing special to hold a person's interest.

Valerie W (mx) wrote: Please note the title of the film and think about it! All the characters are actually dead and are exsisting in Purgatory, No one seems to notice that this is the basis of the film...I thought it moving funny sad and extremely clever..the soundtrack was beautiful as the scenery. If youve watched it before please watch it again and you will understand it now Dwights soundtrack is excellent too with 10 songs not on any other cd. 10/10 fom me

jason a (es) wrote: O.K. Hoped for more. My mind tuned out of it a lot of times

Blair K (ag) wrote: cute/silly movie. rex harrison is perfect in the part of the kindly and offbeat animal doctor. nice kids movie but adults will like it as well due to the charming nature and songs. breezy little movie haha

Keith M (br) wrote: an interesting idea for a film. i thought it was made pretty well and had interesting characters. i thought jessica biel was really good with the mum now missing a hand and dealing with that. it wasn't that moving but it does make you think.

Haroon H (ag) wrote: Preety predictable yet fun to watch

Diren Y (gb) wrote: Too much greasy heroism... Other than that, Ford and cool plane scenes makes it watchable.

Mike R (nl) wrote: Saw this on demand already. Adrien Brody is fantastic. Everything else is flat, tedious, annoying, slow, boring, etc.

DragonsFoe (fr) wrote: Fruitvale Station is fantastic debut for both Michael B Jordan and Ryan Coogler who are sure to both become rising stars in the near future.Rating: 7.9 (B+)

Mike A (it) wrote: Off the wall crime dramedy. The characters in this movie are very odd in a herky jerky kind of way. The story is kind of all over the place, but this is somehow appealing. The tempo of this movie is extremely fast, never really drags. Lots of great visuals. Alec Baldwin's character is hard to figure, a real loose cannon.

WS W (es) wrote: Looks cool & stylish like the opening 10 minutes or so; getting back to its formulaic, corny, Hollywood B/C class story telling once moving forward.

Nicholas L (fr) wrote: Where the Wild Things Are holds beautifully designed bleak images in a mesmerizing sleepy world, but the story is rather disturbing and vicious for a child's story that touches upon the inner demons children have inside them.

Brent S (kr) wrote: Great, heartbreaking and defiant British film from the mid-eighties. Emily Loyd in a starmaking turn as a young girl wounded by abandonment and smothered by a small town on the lookout for any sign of "difference". Written and directed by the terribly underrated David Leland, (who also co-wrote the fine Neil Jordan picture "Mona Lisa"), it's a gritty film that offers honest rewards. Loyd in particular is amazing, glowing with delight when she elicits reactions of shock, and turning into a basket case when she's confronted with the genuine results of her provocations. There's tremendous charm in her brave desire for some room to breathe, to become more than a smart-aleck kid. Even when events turn grim and tragic, Loyd shows the kind of heart that lets the audience know she isn't about to stay down.

Whit w (jp) wrote: A cheaply made movie that looks like it could have been of the made-for-TV variety. It's got a good cast including Burgess Meredith, Bette Davis and Karen Black but this sucker goes practically nowhere for the first 110 minutes. Then, in its remaining 5 minutes, it slaps you awake with a sudden and shocking finale. I love the way they ended a lot of these '70s movies. Very dark. This would have been better if they had trimmed about 30 minutes off its run time. It's worth a watch if you are a haunted house completist. If you could watch it at 2x speed and still follow the story and then watch the last 5 minutes at regular speed, you'd get the maximum from it.