Off the Record

Off the Record

A crime reporter adopts a young delinquent.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:62 minutes
  • Release:1939
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:reporter,   delinquent,  

Blondell and O'Brien star as newspaper reporters who inadvertently send Jordan to reform school after they write an expose of the illegal slot-machine racket the boy was a spotter for. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (ru) wrote: What I expected it to be dumb, cliche but relatively funny.

Ben H (jp) wrote: This one doesn't work. The premise is Ok but story is not well told. The main characters are all unlikable and unbelievable. A shame, because a better script could have made this a good movie.

Franky M (nl) wrote: it's a ok, not amazing story, but it's enjoyable. it's better than i thought in a way, no more crazy tears, people dying in cancer like the others Korean film. and the little boy. omg. he's just so cute.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Sounds informative and tentative.

Scidshoff N (us) wrote: I wonder why there's no tomatometer available for this cinematic gem ! What are you doing critics ?

Ryan H (ru) wrote: When Pegg and Frost get together, it's going to be a good time!

jess l (us) wrote: one of my absolute favorites

Max S (it) wrote: Esta es una de las tramas ms elaboradas que he visto en el cine indy. Es un expos de los sentimientos de un hombre, y el eterno dilema entre el trabajo y la pareja. Una escena inolvidable de un gato fumando, y un final a mi parecer, totalmente correcto. Muy Buena!!!

Matthew T (mx) wrote: A great film, adventurous, romantic and lush and a brilliant follow up to Rappeneau's Cyrano De Bergerac. The "Provence" landscape looks amazing and the performances are incredibly strong. Effectively, it's a well scripted, well crafted joy to watch!

Harry W (br) wrote: Featuring Chloe Sevigny in her debut performance, Kids sounded like a good chance to see her acting in rough edged material once again.The thing that's really effective about Kids is that it is a realistic portrayal of the ckind of life that kids are living these days. With juveniles becoming exposed to drugs and sexual activity at younger and younger ages, the concept of life is becoming more and more self-destructive to them. This is both one of the finest aspects of the film and its central downfall, because while it does take a rigorous look at the lifestyle of America's youth without holding back on depicting the sex, drugs and violence of the situation, it makes the film seem more like a wake up call than an actual film. Kids is about teenagers in a self destructive pattern of life, but there is essentially no actual narrative in the story because the characters are all stereotypical juvenile figures but have no serious relevance to the film, so the character development is flimsy. Kids is less about actual people, and more about the idea of them, and while it is important to look at the film and realise the shocking brutality in it and how dangerous young people are becoming, it is better for what it actually represents than it is as a film. Since there are really no characters in the film aside from Jennie, it is hard to connect to any of them or sympathise with them which makes the film feel rather emotionally distant. The effect of Kids comes not from what it makes viewers feel in terms of narrative or characters, but rather what it exposes them to. It is far from deep, but the effect of the graphic depiction of things in the film is pretty brutal. Audiences witness all kinds of violence, homelessness and rape which affects the youth continuously to this day But there is only so far that the visual effect of a film can go. If it is bereft of substance then it is problematic, and that is the central issue with Kids. Kids walks a line between being artistic and being exploitive, and the direction of Larry Clarke is pretty stylish as it manages to establish a certain tone of realism in the film and gives it a good aesthetic appearance. But it is only limited in how much it can actually compensate for the lack of story. The script in Kids builds the entire film solely off the language of the characters which is realistic and unflinching, and it does that in favour of writing characters into the film. Kids' best element and its downfall are the same thing as it is all dependent on what the viewer takes away from the style of the film. I found that its documentary style format made the effect of the film pretty great, but also that it distracted from the fact that Kids was not actually a documentary and therefore the fact that the story it tells is purely fictional comes off as being somewhat meaningless. Essentially, Kids seems like a documentary but walks the line between being a mockumentary based on realistic situations and an actual feature film, but its general lack of narrative or story to it makes it a difficult line for the movie to walk. I certainly walked away from Kids having valued its stylistic merits and what it was saying, but it did not feel like much of a film experience. It was more of a graphic public service announcement stretched to feature length, and while it was a good one, it just did not feel like a film.The main thing that gives Kids its documentary style is the cinematography. Instead of following the conventional path that many other feature films follow, it gets right up close with the characters to hear what they are discussing. It makes things feel more real, and combined with the script, it is easy to walk away from Kids as if the entire film was a realistic experience. It makes it all the more shocking, and everything is captured well and edited nicely. So thanks to Larry Clarke's direction, Kids has a style to it which separates it from many other films that attempt to tackle the same thing.And honestly, the cast of the film are easily able to play out their parts without fear.Chloe Sevigny's performance was a satisfying one. She manages to capture an actual sympathetic character for the film as she represents the lonely teenage archetype who is facing the negative result of her actions and unable to cope with it. She consistently gives the character a sense of stoicism relying more on physical acting to convey her emotion than anything, and she is easily able to express that. Her performance is a raw and fearless debut where she is not afraid to let her emotions face the challenging subject matter of the film, and she proves that it is not too challenging for her to be able to do it. Chloe Sevigny makes a fine debut performance in Kids, and she stands out as its finest cast member.Leo Fitzpatrick makes a great lead as Telly because he is so egotistical and self-obsessive in the role. Without missing a beat, he manages to deliver his lines with organic acting skill and youthful charisma, so much so that it is easy to appreciate his acting talents while hard to sympathise for his character. He captures the reckless and selfish nature of a sexually aggressive teenage boy and never steps out of the role for a second. Leo Fitzpatrick attaches himself to the role very easily, and his energy in the part is great.Justin Pierce also gives a firm performance, and Rosario Dawson makes a great debut.So Kids is a good film in the way that it has a style which really reinforces a sense of realism to it and the fact that it uses that to enhance bringing viewers' attention to the issues that are damaging the juveniles in society these days, as well as that it is good acted. Aside from that, it is thin, shallow and has no plot and one character in the whole film.