Off the Straight and Narrow

Off the Straight and Narrow

A look at TV since the 1960's shows that Gays and Lesbians have come a long way but still have a long ways to go to a balanced and realistic depiction on television.

A look at TV since the 1960's shows that Gays and Lesbians have come a long way but still have a long ways to go to a balanced and realistic depiction on television. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew C (au) wrote: I love this movie it was the best

Laura R (au) wrote: Excellent documentary.

k r (br) wrote: Not the best Disney movie ever.

intuciic (ag) wrote: amazing movie with fantastic story! sometimes we need to look in eyes of death to appreciate life!!! look forward to read the book!

Tero H (ru) wrote: The movie Billabong Odyssey is about big wave surfing. Traditionally the biggest waves have been found in Hawaii, but new technology and radar systems have brought along new possibilities. Tow-in surfing is about the search for the biggest wave using modern technology. After certain point in wave size, one cannot paddle in but needs towing. Tow surfing means using jet ski with its engines to pull or tow the surfer to a big wave and let him go at about 80 km/h speed on his surf board.I checked it out on the internet, and the word billabong is an Australian word, meaning a lake next to a river, but has become synonymous, possibly by context with the sufing clothing manufacturer of the same name, with surfing. Odyssey, originally from Homer's epic poem and its main character Odysseus, means a journey of epic proportions. Thus, the movie's name means a surfing journey of epic proportions.The film's team of surfers goes out to look for the biggest wave they can find. Their 'posse' consists of Mike Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Ken Bradshaw, the multiple world champion Layne Beachley, the Santa Cruz-boys/Maverick's, and Brian Keaulana. The movie introduces everyone in the Billabong Odyssey-team with a short info intro.The film's surfing spots are in Australia's Gold Coast, Western Australia, Cortes Bank, Hossegor France, Maverick United States, Tahiti, Todos Santos near Mexico, Washington's Cape Disappointment and 'Jaws' in Northern Hawaii.The only negative thing I could say about the film, is that it could have even more surfing, but this is not a random surfing film, it has a certain narrower subject and the non-surfing portions I found actually interesting.Underlining the importance of water survival skills, they get help from the US coast guard in Washington. Then they head to the island of Todos Santos near Ensenada, Mexico, where they show the viewer how using modern technology it is possible to accelerate the surf board from 10 km/h to 80 km/h while riding the surf of a big wave. Personally I of course have not seen such big waves ever in surfing films, and it's fun and sort of fascinating to just watch those kind of waves on the tv.After getting a short info section on the rival surfers Mike Parsons and Brad Gerlach, who have been surfing since the '80s, the viewer is taken to the Cortes Bank near Los Angeles. The Cortez bank is the ultimate sea mountain about 105 miles out on the middle of the ocean. Quote Ken Collins, a pro big-wave surfer : 'When that thing hit me, it was like getting in a car wreck. It hit me so hard and fast that my back felt like it completely toppled. I felt my feet hit me in the head and then that thing just rag-dolled me for a couple hundred yards.'After the Cortez Bank-episode, the dvd shows info on Ken Bradshaw, who is reputed to have surfed the biggest wave known to surfers. The team travels to surf in Europe, such as spain and Hossegor France, which was a site for the ladies' ASP Pro World tour 2008. There, I think it becomes very evident how the movie was made considering mostly those people who are familiar with surfing and its lingua. There are words like 'safety-zone','beach-break','barrel' etc. If I hadn't heard the phrase before, I might have been trying to guess what one of the surfers meant when he said something like 'there was no safety zone, the only place safe was in the barrel but then I couldn't get out of the burning house'..The film introduces interesting elements of surfing I was totally unaware of, such as the idea of tow-in surfing in the first place, and the so called Lola-system which tracks swells all around the world using satellites, and the thing I found perhaps most fascinating was a short section on futuristic surf styles with the hydrofoil board.An idea that comes across from the film is that tow in surfing can be very dangerous. Just the jet when it lets loose it becomes a 400 kilograms bowling-ball which rolls over people. A wave that big can devastate any surfer. This in mind, the viewers are shown two surfing places, Teahupo'o in Tahiti and Mavericks in California, both famous of their huge dangerous waves. I didnt know that Te-a-hu-po'o actually means 'broken skulls'. From Tahiti the viewers are taken to a place called 'Jaws'in Hawaii, to Tow-in-Surfing World Cup finals. The film finishes with a competition at jaws, and the competition is about third of the film. The huge wave Mike Parson surfs at the end of the film is awesome.I thought that the movie began a bit slow, but it gets better around halfway. It's a full length movie about a dangerous lifestyle. Amazing how some people live to hunt the perfect wave. I got this DVD from internet, and it was one of the first dvd's about surfing I've ever seen, so you may imagine my astonishment: "Is surfing that crazy?".. A cool film with epic sized waves!

Charlie P (es) wrote: Got repetitve very quickly - made to about 20 mins and got convinced the rest of it would just be more of the same. To slow to keep my interest.

John O (de) wrote: Movie number eightGreat plot and this time different again college students think the puzzle box and all the hell stories which go with the history is all a joke and is only a online game to play They all find out the truth at a Hellraiser party which will take there souls and they will have to fight to save them selfs I Enjoyed this it was more like a nightmare on elm street type of movie worthwhile watching

Sergio Andres P (us) wrote: An interesting exercise of cinematic retrospective..... irrversible is brutal... sometimes deeply moving, sometimes disturbing and terribly shocking.. hard to see. From disturbing darkness to a white deeply love. A introspective of psychological violence and revenge. Well acted, and different camera movements, whose makes atmosphere of intense violence and perverse. The film ends with a great piece of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. which totally makes the movie a masterpiece. 4.5/5

Laura K (fr) wrote: i dont really remember too much of it since i saw back when i was in elementary school..or was it high school? damn. either way, i remember it freaked me out and i'd probably watch it again. lol.

Mary F (au) wrote: Gorgeous Rupert in a very English setting. Boarding School.

Ethan P (jp) wrote: Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell's dazzling performances keep this simple, upbeat musical going.

Erin B (kr) wrote: Very amusing "update" of the Sidney Poitier film, hehehe.