Justice needs to be served at Britain's most notorious young offenders institute.

When hardened thugs assault his fiancée and cause the death of his unborn son, Tommy Nix pursues them for retribution - all the way into Great Britain's worst lock-up for juvenile offenders, a corrupt institution where he has every intent to severely offend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer P (it) wrote: Hayao Miyazaki's most adorable animated outing proves itself a thrilling, funny and emotionally tingling experience; which once again caters us to his infamous mixture of strangeness and childlike innocence.

aaron a (gb) wrote: Synopsis: When her husband is jailed for radical scholarship and accused of being a Communist, Kayo Nogami faces the daunting task of raising two daughters -- and enduring the biting cruelties of neighborhood gossip -- all on her own. Yoji yamada is one of the premeire japanese directors actively working in the business today. A vast majority of his filmography is entries into a long running comedy series. Thus although Yamada has been working constantly since the sixties, his filmography of notable titles contains little more than a handful of films. Kabei: Our Mother is most certainly one of them. Like his previous samurai trilogy, Kabei is a period piece that conjures more comparisons to John Ford, with it's slow patience and focus on poverty-stricken familial life, than perhaps any single japanese auteur of yesteryear. Also like Yamada's Samurai trilogy, Kabei has a prominent historical narrative that foils the film's central conflicts. It's here in the annals of World War II that Kabei: Our Mother finds it's most interesting aspects. Mainly because the central tale revolving around the poor family is too bogged down with negative emotion. It's no surprise that Yamada has made a tearjerker, not after the incredible success he had with the twilight samurai after years of directing comedies. With Kabei however, the constant depression borders on overkill and quickly gets repetitive. But considering there is really little else wrong with the picture, it's hard to not eventually forgive the feature once your thoroughly invested in it's fully formed characters and evocative period setting. Though it is heavily repetitive with it's constant desire to draw emotions from it's audience, Kabei: Our Mother is nonetheless a satisfying period piece from Yoji Yamada.

Jacob B (us) wrote: While overlong and not one of the best biopics out there, Ali nevertheless benefits from the sure-handed direction of Michael Mann, Will Smith's powerful performance and some entertaining boxing sequences.

Bridgette F (ag) wrote: love comes when you least suspect it to.i love this one so much.

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Really bad. I get where this film was going, and I appreciate the psychological aspect, but it just ends up being clumsy and stupid. Not worth seeing.

Paul S (us) wrote: How many of these movies are there? And.. who the hell watches them??

David P (ru) wrote: In the future beautiful women who are top genetic research scientists will wear high heels made from a clear glass-like material when they are working at a deep space research station. There are plenty of hilarious observations like this to discover as you watch this super sexy (meaning lots of gratuitous nudity) Alien knock-off. For me, this movie is more of a curiosity opposed to the cheesy but highly entertaining Galaxy of Terror (1981) which was also produced by Roger Corman. My biggest complaint about the movie is the lousy transfer for the DVD. I've seen bootleg DVDs that were nothing more than a VHS to DVD transfer that had better picture & sound quality.

Eddie D (de) wrote: AMAZING film...D'Amato's best in my opinion!

Thomas T (de) wrote: I read the book like reading any book, but I watched the film like watching any classic masterpiece.

Ken D (br) wrote: Very similar to Hitchcock's 'Notorious' and at times it almost feels like a remake. But let me tell you, I liked 'Affair in Trinidad' much more - I found it more suspenseful and entertaining.

Reed V (es) wrote: As it draws from the same creative well as other, more successful, cinematic feats, it invites unavoidable comparisons, leading to an ultimately inferior product that stylized execution can only carry so far.

Ernest C (it) wrote: This is a most deliberate film, each scene carefully chosen to add to the layers of glum, subtle grayness. The story involves contemporary issues while simultaneously feeling already dated. The ache is in seeing Hoffman and knowing that he will give us new performances no more.

Jojo M (mx) wrote: Candyman 2 Farewell To The Flesh was a good movie and the good thing about this one is that it finally told the audience about who he really was as a man

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Really good and a clever story in its own way, Corny and over the top but it's supposed to be that way so it's hard to be too harsh on it.

Parley L (ca) wrote: Watching this movie, I found myself liking none of the characters. The raccoon came off as too preachy, the squirrel guy was trying to hard to be cool, the girl squirrel was basically a mindless pawn listening to everything the raccoon said without question. The entire premise feels like a ripoff of Dreamworks' "Over the Hedge," without the likable characters. It featured "Gangnam Style" as a major song, but by this point it was already a two-year-old trend, and it made the creators seem very out of touch with pop-culture. A definite pass.