Officer Down

Officer Down

When a cop's crooked past comes back to get him, can he do the right thing, or will he succumb to the threats of his dangerous connections?

When a cop gets into troubles because of his dark past, can he solve it , or will he is felt down by the threats of his dangerous connections? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark F (au) wrote: I think I was a bit harsh on this when I first saw it. After a second look, yes it's still a bit obvious and generic and I'm still not a big Dunst fan, but part of the fun is that it hits all the stereotypical bases of a Wimbledon fortnight and portrays England and the English summer in the idealistic way we all would like it to be.

Sue S (ru) wrote: I loved, loved, loved this movie! Russell Crowe as a nice, handsome gay guy with an awesome dad and they are both wanting to find someone to settle down with, but ... things happen. GREAT movie. And it was sweet and I like sweet movies, with all the ups and downs.

Nicki M (es) wrote: Actually quite like this sweet little movie. Jon Cryer was so likeable as a teen actor and it is just 80's overload with bad music and big hair on Demi. Actually, the 80's ruined my life. Lol. Watching this sort of thing growing up, I thought I would hit a certain age and magically be this glamorous and live in one of these quirky, run down, but cool units 80's heroines always seemed to live in. I am not a fan of Demi generally, but she does play this part well. I also didn't realise a very young Jennifer Tilly is also in this one (bonus).

Alailson B (ag) wrote: O terceiro ato funciona muito bem e deixa a vontade de se ver um filme completamente musical dirigido por Scorsese. Mas s, j que os outros dois teros do filme se arrastam em um roteiro fraco e atuaes irregulares de Robert De Niro e Liza Minnelli.

Tim R (ag) wrote: A new kind of superhero movie that's entertaining as ever!

Josh W (br) wrote: Managing to claim the top spot of all-time weirdness of every movie I have ever seen, I strangely enjoyed Inbred. The beginning is a little worrying after a few seconds but thankfully it turns out to be a video on one of the character's mobile phones. The film then takes a while to build up however it becomes obvious that the inbreds of Yorkshire are a little different. The deaths roll on in, every one getting weirder and the end becomes rather obvious. How the end is reached however can never be predicted. Prepare your eyes for things you never thought you would see... ever.

Matthew C (au) wrote: This is a pretty good 50s horror/sci-fi film. It's kind of a precursor to Alien, with a killer Martian on a murderous rampage aboard an Earthbound space ship. Solid acting, nice sets, and some pretty good cinematography help a fairly bland story. Check it out if you enjoy other films of the genre. At just over an hour, it doesn't have time to outstay its welcome.