A man attempts to reclaim the life that prison took from him but his dark past threatens to ruin everything.

After seven years in prison, Rudy Vandekerckhove has set himself two clear objectives: get back to work as a washing machine repairman, and - more importantly - become reconciled with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kostas S (mx) wrote: I'd rather read the book but still a valuable movie for those who can't or won't.

Joey H (mx) wrote: This movie was a departure from the facts. It gives a great dishonor to the Marines that were there. As a movie is was alright but they should not have tried to rewrite history

Janne M (br) wrote: Quite interesting war/horror movie placed in time of war in Vietnam. Partly predictable but interesting enough to carry on.

Tyler TeatriceKiddo A (au) wrote: This Is One Of My Favorite Movies HOODY HOO!!!

Jaime R (ru) wrote: Sadly, this is the weakest of all the Muppets films.

Vincent T (ca) wrote: Ca fait du bien de regarder du bon Besson. Parillaud dans son role de psychopathe entouree de Karyo et de Reno, tous sont au top. Sans oublier la bande son de Serra que j'aime particulierement

mike d (ag) wrote: This is a complicated one to write the review for?.but here I go better get started now? mother is a HUGE fan of the book for this?..and so I was interested in seeing it because for years shes gone on about how good the book is? I got hold of the movie and watched it with her?.now this was odd because she was explaining to me about all the bits that aren?t in the film as I?m watching the film?..and how the entire thing has been pretty much altered in a big way?..I think going by what she said to me they should have explained some more stuff / kept it closer to the book ?.its difficult to star rate this one. Theres probably a really big budget problem here too which is always the case for sci-fi...meaning that its probably why they couldn;t do various things with it....Frustrating. However they do a great job on the makeup for the creature and the photography....some great shots in here.


Cynthia S (kr) wrote: Very enjoyable, yet hard to find movie. I rented this many years ago, just on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised.

Abel D (us) wrote: Perhaps a little too bubbly and fluffy for its own good, there is no denying the sheer powerhouse teaming of Crosby and Sinatra. Their likeability, as well as vocal talents, go a long way to carrying the film over its rather fatuous plot and characterization.

Alec B (ca) wrote: If more of the movie was like the middle section, featuring Law's strange and dark odyssey, it might be of greater merit. Instead, the focus is on a relatively standard Civil War era melodrama that never finds a way to resonate emotionally.

Joe R (gb) wrote: I wanted to like this movie so much. But I hate it. I actively hate it.