The plot focuses on the lives of the soon to be married Stefan, a German working in Romania for a wealthy and eccentric printing company owner, Nicu Iorga and his soon-to-be bride Brîndușa, who is Nicu's secretary.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:German,Romanian,English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:romania,   hospital,   business,  

The plot focuses on the lives of the soon to be married Stefan, a German working in Romania for a wealthy and eccentric printing company owner, Nicu Iorga and his soon-to-be bride Brîndușa, who is Nicu's secretary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark B (mx) wrote: hey its that movie with the cyborg,man tank thingy from the 80s bad but entertaining for us lovers of bad movies

Justin P (kr) wrote: i hope this isnt to cheesy

Thomas B (ru) wrote: Interesting true story - samish culture facing problems with alcohol (and the church).

Taeen M (nl) wrote: Very sensitive and gripping-did the American have to come in? The director is definatly gutsy to be able to bring out the truth

Chris F (nl) wrote: An interesting documentary but it wasn't put together really well. I've read a lot about the refugee situations but this was a first for me in terms of seeing a lot of the footage of people trying to escape out of China. It was a good quick watch documentary.

TONY n (jp) wrote: the effects of jim henson workshop not bad and not overdone cuople of small jokes and watchable but not great saw here in cinema 16/08/07

Janice E (mx) wrote: This movie is very very good, and Christian does a great job.

Caleb M (gb) wrote: 200 Cigarettes rollicks along at a fast pace and stuffs itself full of good-looking and fast/loud characters. Everyone has at least one moment to shine, most have many more. Some stories fall flat (Jay Mohr & Kate Hudson, Courtney Love & Paul Rudd), but the film manages to wrap up everyone's story in satisfying and fun ways. I'm a sucker for these fast-paced mid-late 90s MTV-style flicks (Go, Swingers, Clueless among others), and 200 Cigarettes is filled with fun style, music and characters.

Willy G (br) wrote: Any movie with Cher is fine by me. She plays a doting mother to her two children..Winona Ryders character is a lil' pain in the but the chemistry in the actors makes this a family classic.

Rene M (ru) wrote: For a western, comedy, musical not bad!

Issac L (ru) wrote: Opens with a lush rendition of Il Trovatore at Teatro La Fenice, SENSO is an ostentatious melodrama imprinted with Visconti's pronounced blue blood opulence, retells an Italian countess' (Valli) vain and poignant attempt to pursue her one-sided affection to an Austrian officer (Granger shines in the rich Technicolor palette as an Adonis), whose misogyny and promiscuity will cause his own doom and mar her mentality up to the hilt. The film sets its time during the fall of Austrian occupation in Venezia 1866, Valli is wavering between her bureaucratic husband (Moog) and rioting cousin (Girotti), to break loose from the stalemate, she irrevocably falls for a young lieutenant in the opponent camp, but he is no knight in shining armor but a foul and spineless scoundrel with irresistible sheen of deadly charm. Granger's gorgeous loverboy image is a quintessential smokescreen to veil his despicable innards, but after all, it is a consensual deal despite of Valli's false hope, more significantly its anti-war signals have been forcibly cast by Granger's self-abandonment and the lousy war battlefield experienced by Girotti, which, more plausibly it is an intentional move by Visconti, a distraction from the central turmoil, but done with a tinge of amateurish fecklessness. Valle shoulders on a profound effort to scrutinize a woman's inscrutable sexual desire which being repressed for too long, both she and Granger align themselves with Visconti's brimful-of-emotion style (again, thanks to Techincolor and the overstuffed score as well) which approximate the OTT threshold in certain degree, although falling out with Visconti eventually, Granger succeeds in bringing about his best screen persona and it was such a great era when a gay man can play an outright straight womanizer on the celluloid.On the one hand SENSO fails to impress me as my favorite among Visconti's work of art, and scale-wise pales by comparison with LUDWIG (1972, 8/10) and THE LEOPARD (1963, 8/10), but on the other hand, only Visconti can flaunt such an overbearing melodrama with true mettle and without any compromise, a trendsetter would inspire later kindred spirits, for instance Baz Luhrmann's 3D adaption of the bourgeoise sumptuosity THE GREAT GATSBY (2013, 8/10).

Alehee N (gb) wrote: Again, great CGI, but one more time the action sequence goes on for WAY too long.

Terry L (us) wrote: Apparently 0 stars is not possible. If it were, that would be my rating. What can I say about this movie. Well, the story is lame. And mor just a little lame. It was seriously lame. A three year old duck with a broken wing and a head injury could have done better. The acting is weak. I mean, Rob Schneider was a main draw. What did they think would happen? The cinematography was poor. You would think with the backdrop of Tahiti, there would be some breath-taking scenes, but no. Only poorly shot scenes. And finally, I didn't care for the characters. I was hoping they would all lose in the end. They were that uninteresting. Hollywood, I want my money back.

The Movie G (kr) wrote: A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y A.N A.M.A.Z.I.N.G MEL BROOKS C.L.A.S.S.I.C!!!!!!

Michael C (ru) wrote: Loved this movie! Silly fun romp