Since women are banned from soccer matches, Iranian females masquerade as males so they can slip into Tehran's stadium to see the game between Iran and Bahrain. The ones who are caught and arrested are taken to a holding area and guarded by soldiers. One sympathetic soldier agrees to watch the game through a peephole and recount the action to the impatient fans.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:controversy,   iran,   2000s,  

Struggle of Women in a country that excludes them from entering the stadiums. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (kr) wrote: To say this film is strange is a severe understatement. I suppose that calling the film Mindfuck City wasn't really friendly, as far as marketing goes. You know, I don't even know how to begin to describe this film. It's just something that you'll have to see for yourself to figure it out on your own. The film deals with a 12-year old girl who has been sexually abused by her father, and also been forced to watch her parents having sex while locked inside a cello case. The girl's mind becomes increasingly more unhinged after her mother dies after a fall, and she believes she has become her mother. Of course, since the movie is as surreal as it is, it's clear that nothing is the way it seems and it leads to a twist that, in any other film, would've been absurd and ridiculous. In this film, since everything is so surreal, the twist is actually quite good and it makes the film even more surreal. The film is ripe with symbolism as well, and I think Sion Sono does a great job at making this film interesting to watch even if you're not sure what the hell is going on most of the time. This is the type of film that I think I could very easily have hated but, for some reason, I didn't. I can only imagine if this film had been an hour longer, like Noriko's Dinner Table, and how that would've been unbearable, again, like Noriko's. Thankfully the film shows, as far as length goes, a more restrained Sion Sono, since the content of the film isn't restrained at all. I realize this is a shitty review, but I don't have the "skills" to write a decent review of such a mindfuck of a film. I just know that I liked it but I would probably never watch it again, as I just think it's the kind of film that works, at getting a reaction out of people, the first time you see it when the experience is, to use a lame term, "pure". Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this to just anybody but I did like it.

Jo W (fr) wrote: This film is about as ordinary as films get. The four main stars are wooden and not credible. The plot is trite and unexciting. Nonetheless I have watched it each time it has come around simply for the pleasure of a master class of scene stealing by the brilliant Eli Wallach. He is the one truly redeeming feature of what would otherwise be a pretty unwatchable film.

James B (it) wrote: Good musical performances and I liked Dave Chappelle in this film. He is so nice giving back to his community. I miss his Chappelle show though :(

Tyler R (ru) wrote: I really liked it. Great acting and a good message. The plot was a different spin on a standard sports movie.

Naomi L (ru) wrote: REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamey T (ru) wrote: Once again, RIP Renfro. He's really good in this offbeat comedy.

Chris H (nl) wrote: This is awesome you must see ; it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. :-)

Kayleah T (ca) wrote: "The Corpse Bride" is Tim Burton's twist on arranged marriage and the desire to marry for love, not obligation. Out of the selfish interests of their parents, it has been arranged for Victor and Victoria to wed. Both families think that by marrying into the other family, there will be financial benefits. While the children are against the arrangement at first, they grow to admire each other after meeting. Victor's nerves lead him to the woods to practice his vows before the big day. Mistaking a corpse's hand for a tree branch, Victor accidentally proposes to Emily. Murdered by Barkis Bittern and robbed of her possessions, after she had eloped with him against her parent's wishes, Emily was waiting in the underworld for her true love. Just as Victoria and Victor's parents, Barkis did not think one should marry for love- he was motivated by greed and now he was after Victoria. Emily fell for Victor, but he could not love her the same way because of their differences. For Victor to marry Emily, he would have to leave his family forever and join death in the underworld. By the end of the movie Emily lets Victor and Victoria marry because she realizes the love they have for one another.

Adam K (au) wrote: one of the most informative and educational documentaries exposed to the public, this film opens your eyes to the absurdities of society in their ignorant and arogant approach to the substance of marijuana. the structure is practically flawless, keeping a linear and organized timeline present to show you the history of why the american government has kept pot illegal for so many years. filmmaker ron mann takes the approach of humor as well as an extensive education on the topic and its propaganda-driven campaign to bring to light the appaling truths behind the goverment's questionable beleifs and tactics in upholding what they beleive is the "the way things should be." there is no ground that is not covered here. from its earliest exposures to the american public in the early 20s until present day, a clear understanding is provided answering any questions you may have ever had on why the substance has remained illegal for so many years. the appaling and ignorant attitudes of figures such as harry anslinger, j. edgar hoover, richard nixon, ronald reagan and geroge h.w. bush are fully brought to light as well as the ridiculous amount of spending that has been brought forth against this substance which has been proven to show no clear threat to society. a better understanding is provided as to how the unnecessary spending in the needless war on marijuana has contributed to our ongoing debt as a nation, proving that the motives behind these acts are strictly political at the hands of very egostistical one-track minded leaders. we are not thrown propaganda as to why one "should" use the substance, but more so why its ongoing state of illegality is absurd.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Brilliant film, Loved the mix of comedy and sci-fi action, Very entertaining,Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones on screen chemistry is great and makes the film what it is.

Michele W (it) wrote: What a beautiful story. This movie gets five stars from me.

Greg S (jp) wrote: A vain actor is turned into a freak in a South American mutant circus by a mad scientist, using the same chemical he's recently become a spokesman for. Bizarre freak costume design and a parade of B-list celebrities (Mr. T as the bearded lady, Larry "Bud" Melman) make up for the hit-or-miss nature of the rapid fire NAKED GUN-style gags.

Tim G (it) wrote: I enjoyed against all odds jeff bridges,rachel ward and james woods were great and it had an exciting ending

Marcus B (es) wrote: this movie is very dated.this movie has a decent story good acting.a very good ending.

Connor G (gb) wrote: Yet another stellar piece from Audrey Hepburn. This might be the best use of non-linear storytelling I've seen, including any of Tarantino's work, The Killing and Annie Hall. It just worked so well between the two characters, making the whole thing flow incredibly smoothly. Some movies aren't remembered through time and don't deserve it, and this is a prime example of it.

Eric H (br) wrote: You may wonder "Why does Marilyn Monroe,Betty Grable & Lauren Bacall keep spreading across a lounge in so many scenes?" the answer is not vain- pleasure-seeking body language but CINEMASCOPE lens requirements.I watched this film on a old released Video Tape & delighted that it was a full-screen fixed camera issue & not a letterbox reduction release.I delighted in NOT seeing the person speaking & only the stilted recipient's reactions. You have to observe all the action as there are no camera angles or close ups.This was too 'startling' to a cinemascope theatre audience. What other film can boast a full orchestra opening with every member of that orchestra in full view of the cinema audience:-like in a live concert. The first Cinemascope film was 'The Robe' followed by 'How To Marry A Millionaire'. As the other reviewers has said;A 'feel-good' film with nostalgic 'old-time'high society values. Did anyone spot the 'moral' of the tale?.'Better to love for love's sake than for money'.

Gabriel C (fr) wrote: Harmless, brainless family fun.