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Landis Anna F (au) wrote: It's like a British male Steel Magnolias. I freaking loved this movie. The dialogue was phenomenal. I don't understand why the critics didn't like it.

Anna C (ag) wrote: Takashi Shimizu is an expert in good horror movies. This is not his best and it didn't really scare me, but it kept me on trying to understand what was happening. Not bad!Il regista Shimizu ha una lunga esperienza nel genere, questo non uno dei suoi migliori, ma anche se non spaventa davvero pur contenendo varie citazioni a Shining, Donnie Darko e altri, ti cattura l'attenzione con la trama. Niente male.

Jeff L (it) wrote: McConaughey gets to display his treasure chest (his beefy pecs) a few times in this meandering flick. This film is similar to '21' in so many ways, in that one person or a group of people stumble on a way of making a lot of cash in a short time, but fate (or American movie convention) intervenes and makes them lose all of it, and the characters go back to being where they were before the 'durian runtuh' hit them. McConaughey loses his touch at picking sports winners for gamblers when he lets the success get to him. His character pressurises a laundry shop owner to bet more than he can afford, who loses US$380,000 and his business and fiancee. But can our hero be bothered about it? Nah, he just caves in and runs back to his small town to coach kids, just for the "pure" enjoyment of it. Pacino rants and raves, as usual, and his desire to bet on his wife is the film's most honest moment.

Helen E (ru) wrote: When it started I thought it was just going to be another average film but as the film progressed I found myself liking it more and more =) It was pretty funny, Steve Coogan was great. I really like Maggie Gyllenhaal's character and Lisa Kudrow gave a good performance. The stories were outrageous but still believable. Definitely worth a watch =)

Karsta R (fr) wrote: Heart-breaking story, mainly because it is true.

Ce G (ag) wrote: Grande Mercano!!! this makes you think about how much could we lose in this world!

Brian C (gb) wrote: Though entertaining on a visual and action end and through Nick Cage's performance, this film is dragged down by its faults

Grant S (ru) wrote: Incredibly lame. Boring, predictable plot. Very bad direction and production for a movie made in 1997 - 1940s cinematography is better, and the sound quality is from the Dark Ages. Decent cast, on paper - David Duchovny, Timothy Hutton, Angelina Jolie (before she was famous) and Peter Stormare. None of them shine, though Timothy Hutton does a pretty good job as the bad guy.

El W (ru) wrote: I guess Fellini would have appreciated it. What an anti-climactic conclusion. I am not sure how anyone can seriously think this movie was done well. It is a jumbled mess that fails on almost every level. Hopper and Fonda look and act cool though.

Allison F (kr) wrote: Would have given it more stars if Mickey hadn't died. He was my favorite part.

Steve W (br) wrote: This is a film that cannot exist without CGI - as the plot relies so heavily on the absurd. A popcorn film that wants you to believe its way smarter than it really is - even the Mark Ruffalo's revelation can be seen a mile away. In the end, you don't really buy it.