Oh, God! You Devil

Oh, God! You Devil

George Burns is back as God, but oops, here he is as Satan, too. A young rock star is ready to sell his soul to Satan, and Satan is all too happy to oblige. Oops! Seems the fellow was watched over by God as a baby, so now the almighty and his nemesis have to duke it out over the soul. Written by Steve Derby

George Burns is back as God, but oops, here he is as Satan, too. A young rock star is ready to sell his soul to Satan, and Satan is all too happy to oblige. Oops! Seems the fellow was ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oh, God! You Devil torrent reviews

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WS W (au) wrote: What did it want to say, really??!!!

Private U (de) wrote: surprising start, rubbish ending

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Jonathan I (ru) wrote: Apart from some poor acting, actually quite excellent. Narcissism. Pride. Deceit.

Becky F (kr) wrote: Before I watched the "Them" version,I wish I would have known that there was a his/hers version of this movie that was what the director originally intended. I didn't like the version I watched enough to watch the separate movies afterwards.

bill s (nl) wrote: Alone,I really like all these actors but here in this movie I wonder if any of them read the script before signing on.