Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day

Jonathan and David meet at a black tie dinner and end up spending the night together at Jonathan's London flat. The challenges begin when Jonathan's nine–year–old daughter bounds into the bedroom very early the next morning. However, the stakes heighten when Jonathan discovers that David is his "new client" at the marketing firm where he is employed. Fraternizing with clients on the opposite side of the conference table is strictly prohibited by the firm, and Jonathan quickly nips things in the bud. As time progresses, love conquers all obstacles. Working against them are their different races, different countries of origin and homophobia. Oh Happy Day is that special film that brings out the true romantic hiding inside us all.

Two guys battle through the consequences of having had a one-night stand just before they started working together, and learn that to make a relationship work, you have to reveal everything... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (ca) wrote: Cleverly written and executed, but I was surprised at how unfunny it was. Not in the sense of *failed* humor, but of humor not being attempted at all. The funniest thing about the film is its overall premise -- chuckles during individual scenes were scarce for me. The steam-driven camera, the egg heist, the all-Chinese talkie, a character named Alexandra Nevsky, Harvey Weinstein's casual shrug at the end about cutting an hour from the fictional movie.... Not much else. The difference between "Forgotten Silver" and "This Is Spinal Tap" is that the latter would be just as funny, even if were true. I can't say the same for "Forgotten Silver." It's certainly worth seeing, however. Note: The film is about 52 minutes, not an *hour* and 52 minutes. The length stated above is wrong.

Abel D (gb) wrote: Typifying 90s kids movie sequels, this 'Heidi' offers little new or interesting. In essence, it mashes together the original tale, Oliver Twist, Goonies and WW1 for an indecisive mix that lacks the charm and heart of Spyri's beloved creation. Even a decent score and perfomances can't salvage it.

AD V (ru) wrote: Animal lovers beware.

Christopher Llewellyn R (ca) wrote: As someone who hated "The Red Shoes," finding it to be grotesque where it should have been exhilarating, I was very pleasantly caught off guard by this film. I have always liked Deborah Kerr, so I knew there would be at least something pleasant in the film for me, but I was not prepared for how much I enjoyed the use of color, made even more extraordinary by the fact that the film was made in 1947, when color cinematography was still in its infancy. The great Jack Cardiff's work helps make this movie a near-masterpiece.I only call it a "near-masterpiece" since there are some of the usual European colonial attitudes, including the use of English Jean Simmons in quasi-blackface, that generally kick me out of these kinds of stories. But overall the film is beautiful, and quite moving in its portrayal of women whose lives have left them little choice but to persevere in demanding and often unrewarding work, and to find what dignity they can in that choice. The sexual hysteria of the previously-unknown-to-me Kathleen Byron was a nice extra, especially when she comes storming out of the chapel with that red dress and her hair all askew. Yikes!

Ashley H (nl) wrote: High Spirits is a decent film. It is about when Peter Plunkett's Irish castle turned hotel is about to be repossesed, he decides to spice up the attraction a bit for the 'Yanks' by having his staff pretend to haunt the castle. Peter O'Toole and Steve Guttenberg give performances. The script is enjoyable but a little slow in places. Neil Jordan did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the humor.