Oh Heavenly Dog

Oh Heavenly Dog

Browning is a PI with a bad cold, who's sent to investigate a case by a mysterious client. He stumbles across the body of a young woman and is stabbed to death, and when he wakes up in heaven, they tell him he's "marginal material," and they can only decide on his final destination through one last assignment: to go back and solve his own murder. As a dog. A cute fluffy little dog (Benji). Undaunted, Browning begins to investigate the case as best he can around his canine disabilities (dialing the phone presents a special challenge) to solve the murders, save the girl, and see justice done.

Browning is a PI with a bad cold, who's sent to investigate a case by a mysterious client.He stumbles across the body of a young woman and is stabbed to death, and when he wakes up in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ciprian S (kr) wrote: I wanna see it and own it

Robyn M (fr) wrote: 90's chick flick for the mother- daughter movie nights.

Drew B (es) wrote: i love these movies.

Movie K (fr) wrote: This is one funny and little bit odd movie. Nonetheless still makes me laugh after repeated viewing. Stephen Chow is a loser and timid dim sum delivery guy. Christy Chung is a hot babe in a judo class. The teacher Joe Cheng likes her but she have no interest. She is looking for a rare and real hero of modern age. Stephen parody a scene from Terminator where he is naked and in actual fact he saw a beggar who is so pitiful he gave him his money and all his clothes. He call police because he knew naked in public is an offense. Joe is coming hard onto Christy and she say she will kiss and date anyone except him. Stephen is around to deliver and she kiss him, hold his hand and ask him to go Jacky Cheung concert. But later she tells him it is acting. He tries to befriend her more and fell down, his hand fell onto shit. Joe approach him and ask Stephen to beat him, using his hand to touch his face. Then he is angry the shit is all over his face and beat him up badly. Christy tell him not to be serious. Stephen find Ng Man Tat for help as he advertise his shop for helping losers like him. He teach him kung fu but not the proper kind. Stephen don a Garfield mask and act as a hero, save Christy from Joe. He keep beating Stephen but he keep standing up effortlessly. Finally Stephen manage to grab him and use the self invented move invincible wind fire wheel and defeat Joe. This hero become overnight topic and Christy is eager to meet him. Many fakes pretend to be the hero and try to kiss her, even Ng. When Stephen gonna reveal, Christy ask to meet him first. She get his opinion what she should do if the hero identify himself. To his horror, another guy Ben Lam assume the identity. He is also her childhood friend. He warn Stephen to stay away from her because he is rubbish. Stephen is angry and with Ng, they decided to give Ben a challenge letter. During the meeting, Paul Chun introduce Ben to the other kung fu group. Ben decided to eradicate all the others and only keep his own karate club. All others aren't happy and they fight but Ben trash them big time. Stephen and Ng quickly return to destroy the letter but its too late. Ben want to defeat Stephen publicly. Ng is actually a legendary karate killer who is champion for years until Ben's master crippled him. Ng accept the challenge and warn Ben he will train up Stephen in one month and defeat him. Ben send spy to check their training routine but they are always having fun or eating heartily. Ben announce he will defeat Stephen in 3 rounds. On fight day, 1st round Stephen just turn around and didn't move. Ben find it fishy and dare not strike and peacefully the round is up. 2nd round Ng at ring side keep throwing weapons and objects to scare Ben. This is their tactics. Ng says in fact they have no chance to defeat Ben by kung fu so they will just eat and play during the training to scare him with psychological tactic. Final 3rd round, Ben is very angry and gonna strike. Meanwhile, Christy who want to stop the fight is stuck in the elevator. Stephen use grapple, hold tactics to cling onto Ben. It drive him mad and finally Stephen can't take anymore beatings and let go. Ben is gonna deliver deadly kick but the referee pull Stephen away and announce end of match. Ben wins by points and Stephen is hail a hero like Rocky. Christy arrives and is relief. Ben want to kill Stephen and the judges who are all kung fu experts ask him to accept defeat. Ben fights them all. Stephen says he need a ladder to execute his move but nobody believe he have any fight in him. Then he grab Ben and use the move inside a giant lottery spin wheel and Ben is defeated. Christy and Stephen get together.

STACEY H (ag) wrote: I thought this one is one of 50's best movies, you can't go wrong with Robert De Niro in the film.

Brian S (ca) wrote: Interesting only because it stars Colin Hay, former lead singer of Men At Work. Otherwise, it's a mediocre ghost story that suffers from a lot of incoherence. A few creepy moments, but this one never really gels. In fact, I can't say that I know what happened. Lots of potentially interesting ideas, none of which are ever fully developed. Confusing, and Colin Hay doesn't bring much to it... the novelty wears off quickly.

Stanley C (it) wrote: Ryan Reynolds is absolutely funny here, up to the point he may be qualified to be for Canada what Rowan Atkinson is for England, YET Waiting is hardly made to be enjoyed by anyone other than restaurant staff who deal with how disgusting and repulsive it is to work at a restaurant, and a 1 and a half hour movie that's entirely about working at a restaurant is sure to taste a little past date.

Terri H (br) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

Rebecca L (br) wrote: this was a good movie but sad I want to watch it again