Oh, Hello on Broadway

Oh, Hello on Broadway

Two delusional geriatrics reveal curious pasts, share a love of tuna and welcome a surprise guest in this filming of the popular comedy show.

Two delusional geriatrics reveal curious pasts| share a love of tuna and welcome a surprise guest in this filming of the popular comedy show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vrettos L (ru) wrote: If you need a police investigation thriller to keep you in a nail biting fashion at the edge of your seat, don't look further. Whatever it lacks in innovation, it gains from its top notch narration and visual mastery - this is pure gold.

William C (jp) wrote: It's just like come on every time with this film series, it never ever improves and yet again this movie is a step down from the last outing. We see again a movie full of action, easy to follow yes but fun, my word no, this is awful and that is not a word I have had to previously use on the franchise before. We see this time Alice (Milla Jovovich) fighting yet again, things pick up from where the last film left off, down to the second actually and from then on we see a mass adventure that goes nowhere and only provides glimpses of some decent action choreography that just doesn't mean anything among all the terrible lines spewed out. The man behind this all is Paul W. S. Anderson who is a producer on this film as well as the director and writer, and oh how he screws this one up, a movie I feel just didn't need to be made, or actually, just made well!Jovovich is typical in her role as Alice and for those who have come to get used to her acting it is same old, really though I do feel the writing makes her feel worse as an actor though. This movie is obsessed with throwing things from the past right back at you and none of them work, it feels like Anderson ran out of ideas within the first 5 minutes and just couldn't be bothered to make something even half decent. The plot is full but flimsy, in fact so full it is that by the end it is breaking off and becoming increasingly run of the mill with every passing second. We see some new faces and some we have seen before but truly none of them work, the villains seem like the shoddiest creation of this movie(the story isn't far off though).Anderson just doesn't seem to get it that he's not making good movies, sure you can make a few poor one's and they'll blow over eventually, but this is something else. The series started out under average and was poor too but never was it truly very bad but now it is has reached that and maybe it is the annoyance I have for this series or that it just gets worse every time but, I just had to describe this as awful. Let's talk about the technical points and the CGI is OK at times but even that is used stupidly, the sets are something from a weird dream that is also a nightmare and all the time I just felt what a waste of not only production designers, but also of imagination.I'm not going to rant for nine pages about how I hated this, I'm going to leave it for you to see if you haven't all ready, I know even some like these kind of OTT action movies but this one really does not stand out and can't even rank well among it's not even OK predecessors. I hope one day Anderson can look back on his career and realise this was not a good move, I even hope he can make one film where everyone likes it and says "Hey great job Paul" and not "Remember when you made those dumb zombie movies Paul, they were real bad". So yes, Resident Evil Retribution, a movie that is hard to recommend unless you're either really into zombies or really into Milla Jovovich, and even then there are many better zombie movies out there, and movies with Jovovich in that are also much better.

Christine L (it) wrote: "Under conditions of tyranny, it is far easier to act than to think" - Arendt

Liliane S (au) wrote: Good sequel although some parts could have been skipped in my opinion.

Ollie W (ru) wrote: A cool, touching study of a doomed relationship in reverse that, as always with Ozon, essentially gives closer focus to Valeria Bruni Tedechi's wonderfully captivating female lead, Marion, over her brisk, often unlikeable husband, Gilles. Beginning with a traumatic, emotional segment that starts with Gilles and Marion's' divorce proceedings and ends with him essentially raping her in a hotel room - Ozon slightly lets up as he unveils each of the 5 segments, growing simultaneously warmer and more tragic as we understand both the initial attraction, the various problems and the tell-tale signs of unhappiness, perhaps even before the characters themselves realize. Ozon's direction is pitch perfect, capturing the couple in a chilly, objectively observant light, he is fascinated with the little nuances of distrust and unhappiness that slowly emerge in this flawed relationship. Referencing his great predecessor throughout, Ingmar Bergman, arguably the greatest of female sympathizers, Ozon carefully casts Gilles in a murky light, boldly introducing him with that thoroughly unpleasant first segment and culminating in his inevitable unfaithfulness.Ozon concludes with a wonderfully poignant final shot that perfectly subverts the classically romantic "ride off into the sun" cliche by having Marion and Friess adulterously wade into the beautiful evening sea, excited, hopeful, flirtatious, happy and all beneath a stunning, setting sun.

Zack B (us) wrote: The films of the Dardenne Brothers are not innocuous, sentimentally inspirational films, nor are they realist films. They are cinematic poetry. The camera is always an intimate lover of the main character(s) and therefore WE become the lover or confidant or voyeur of the main character(s). They swoop in ever godlike and provide viewers with a front row glimpse of the inner recesses of troubled and desperate minds. This is why their films are not easy. They open the wound of reality so that we can examine the enigmatic within. Rosetta is no exception.

Christal F (nl) wrote: David Tennant and Patrick Stewart... nuff said

Steve S (br) wrote: OK, I admit it, Nicholson was noticeably coked up, Belushi didn't have much of a part, but Mary Steenbergen is a sweetheart.

Well C (us) wrote: O Homem que amava as mulheres. Pena que no tem a foto da capa. Esse sim um verdadeiro pegador.

Jason S (jp) wrote: On the clearest day, you can't see past her fucking fugly face and that huge shnoz

Babette H (mx) wrote: Bali Schmali. It's all about Russkiewood!

Morgan W (au) wrote: boris karloff as a asian again.

Nathan H (kr) wrote: Totally surprised, touching movie

Valeria R (it) wrote: IDK, I am starting to not at all take into account rotten tomatoes when it comes to a excellent movie or the rotten tomato critics for that matter. This movie in my opinion was a great success and I enjoyed watching it. I also have notice all of the critics having too much to say about why they feel the movie sucked to them. Like............as if I or anyone else for that matter gives a shit about your opinion. I will be my own judge of how I like or dislike a movie. I certainly do not have to tell the rest of the world on rotten tomatoes how much I did not like it. Whatever rotten tomatoes. I will judge a movie your critics suck!!!

David S (ag) wrote: Disturbing Behavior is a teen thriller that has a good build-up of suspense and a generally interesting plot, but is generally quite dismissible. It tries very hard to take itself seriously, which at times adds to the suspense, but it's rushed happy ending is too obvious and predictable. This movie is easily forgettable.

Batesow T (nl) wrote: Funny horror movie love chuckie