Oh My Pyo!

Oh My Pyo!

Gangter Makes His Illitrate Son Complete His Matriculate in 6 Months

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Panjabi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:punjabi,  

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Oh My Pyo! torrent reviews

Phil F (es) wrote: if your looking for political correctness, this is your movie. I prefer entertainment that has a glimpse of reality and common sense

i C (ca) wrote: 5/10They have a third gender in Samoa, smh. Documentation about the worst football team according to the FIFA Rankings, American Samoa. Way too much religion shit, proofs that you can pray as much as you want but still be shit. Interesting through the football theme but nothing special

Milos M (jp) wrote: Being Serbian since my birth ofcourse I'll despise this film. While it possess some thruths in it, for better understanding Bosnia-Croatia war, you'll have to broad your perspective, people. For instance in WWII, people fought against Nazi's, to say good guys vs bad guys. Here is not the case. While my countrymen from Bosnia did commit these nasty and horiffic acts, still what about our victims. In this war, there is good good side versus bad. All sides were victims and executors - each equal. That is a fact. But, this is the problem my people has. Movie is extremely one-sided. As I wrote for better understanding, enhance your perspective. Events shown are some form of twisted Romeo & Juliet and as such are purely fictional. It only has seeds of thruth. One journalist asked Rade Sherbedgia (actor from this movie): "Why we do not see other camps (referring to Muslims and Croats), he answered: "Lady, they are about 60 miles from here". That's why my countrymen hate this movie and who (including me) do not accept collective guilt this country currently holds. Utterly justified. When we will have a chance to show our perspective, our truth to the world, no one knows. Seems to me, as the things going, never. Movie itself, is problematic. Angelina Jolie should've made some easier entry into directing, some easier form of narrative and story to chew. She didn't. She didn't even researched properly its subject matter. Such as: are all soldiers are wearing uniform, even on a date? There are other flaws: acting is bad, editing too, dialogues combined with English language(not-native for our actors) are simply awkward to listen; like movie is trying to spill all that bleakness on all aspects of this movie. At the end, in this bloody and ghastly conflict, Serbians vs Bosniaks, Serbians vs Croats, Bosniaks vs Croats and vice-versa there have been made better films about. And there are being being in this region. And certainly not in Hollywood.

Gary M (gb) wrote: It was ok. Could of been better but turned out to be a pretty good gun battle movie

Giulio G (it) wrote: Un film di merda!!! Regia rozza, vecchia di 30 anni, di stile quasi televisivo, recitazione pessima, doppiaggio orrendo, fotografia inesistente, storia ridicola. Dario Argento...mavvaffanculov!!!

Keith B (au) wrote: so bad I had to turn it off

Michael T (kr) wrote: Fun, violent, fast-moving Hong Kong action film; a classic of its genre.

Col S (fr) wrote: For a b- type movie, it`s not that bad.......

Kayla G (br) wrote: I am currently watching this movie. It is horrible. Like honestly extremely pathetic. The graphics are horrible, the acting is far from great. The plot line, so far, is completely unreasonable. Plus it is completely unbelievable. Like they seriously did the laziest job producing this movie, and if you don't agree with me, just watch it. I almost recommend watching it because it is so horrible, and I am sitting here laughing that there are such pathetic movies out there.

Jerome G (br) wrote: Really touchy, thoughtful. Great play by M. Sutherland as the Christ! Makes you wonder if things like this happens... This is the movie which cuts are seen in the music video "One" from Metallica.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Having a large A-list cast isn't a bad idea, trying to give them all enough screen time is.

Caroline C (mx) wrote: What beautifully told story of romance. You can really feel the love between them!!