Oh tidak..!

Oh tidak..!


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Bill W (fr) wrote: These 26 shorts, one per letter of the alphabet, are not as surprising and eclectic as in the original. They're all fun to watch, but there's a bit too much trying-to-be-clever and not enough straight-up horror for my taste. K, X, and Z steal the show.

Jao R (de) wrote: i gave this one star only because Jaime Murray is fucking hot.

Red L (nl) wrote: Tyler's college buddy (Chase) spends the summer at Tyler's family cottage. Over the summer, Chase finally informs his friend that he is gay. Later in the summer, Tyler's father decides he is gay as well. Not only does Tyler have to come grips with have a gay best friend, but the family has to decide how to live with a gay dad.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Need to see and analyse this, could be very stimulating!

Kelly W (ru) wrote: After watching this movie, all I could think of was why I wasted so much time to watch it. The plot was quite good, but the characters weren't like-able at all. I would definitely not recommend this movie.

Josh D (nl) wrote: This movie was horrible, but i think i tend to stick it in my guilty pleasure section because of the nostalgia of the time period when it came out..I was young. It's a shame to see Marley Shelton's great acting get dumbed down in this movie..She is a great actress. The death scenes make the movie only tolerable. The cast is awful as is the acting. The dialogue sucks. There were 2 great things that came out of this movie: Seeing Katherine Heigl get killed and the awesome soundtrack that i still to this day listen to.

Private U (ru) wrote: Paul Newman is brilliant

Zachary H (jp) wrote: This movie is one of the worst in all creation, and I love it! I really like movies that are so bad their good. The effects are horrible, and the acting is hilariously out of place. However, the movie can get rather boring and offensive. I don't really recommend this movie unless I know the person. It requires a certain taste in movies, but it will be funny if you like movies like Shark Attack 3, The Room, or Birdemic.

Anatoly S (es) wrote: You oughta stop playing God, 'cause you're no good at it, and the position's taken!

Orlok W (gb) wrote: With a puff of smoke. Dracula appears!--Slightly wooden interpretation of Dracula, but still intriguing!!

Luis M (us) wrote: " to fcil mantermo-nos presentes e deixar as pessoas na mesma"

Drew R (us) wrote: Super cute, non-boring indie film about love and life. Great cast too.

Greg W (gb) wrote: this marks the directorial debut of former 'friends' star courtney cox even has a part for hubby david arquette.

Ryan H (ca) wrote: This movie is hilarious! must see!